Indoor Outdoor Terrace House by Architology

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Spaces that integrate the indoors and outdoors seamlessly are some of our absolute favorites. To see lush greenery peeking through the inside of a home and natural light flooding in is a euphoric feeling, and this Singapore home has got that edge. Whether it’s the colorful patterns on the rugs, artwork or furniture combined with the…

The ‘Great Room’ at Gilt NY’s Chic Office

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If you’re a supporter of the flash sale site movement, then you’ve got to be familiar with one of the first (and one of our favorites)- Gilt Groupe. If you know the brand, then you can certainly attest to their chic fashion sense and it turns out the common area or ‘Great Room’ of their New…

Unique Suspended Staircase Design

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There’s something special about a staircase in a home– and whether it’s a traditional colonial inspired staircase or a spiraling fairytale style ascent, there is always a whimsical and beautiful trait to stairs in the home. This particular stair case is one that was created by Studio Mieke Meijer to serve dual functions in a small…

Bold 100 Square Foot Home Design

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Small spaces are always a unique adventure to uncover, and this space is no different. Certainly more eclectic than some of the tiny homes we’ve seen, but this interior is overflowing with style. Though this isn’t a full home with kitchen and bath, this room itself houses a living space, office, storage areas and even an…

Egue & Seta Create a Neutral Paradise

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There’s nothing quite like the soothing feel of being enveloped by a beautifully designed room full of neutrals. If you love the look but can’t quite figure out how to get it right– this Barcelona home is the perfect blend of earthy tones and an array of neutral hues. It’s equal parts industrial and contemporary with…

Industrial Rocker Chic Art Studio Home by 4M

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Melding multiple cultures, styles and life experiences into a single home for a couple can be a daunting task. But somehow, 4M Group figured out how to blend the distinct vision for a husband and wife into a luxe rock and roll meets ultra glam, industrial art studio and home with their standard residential couture approach….

1930’s ‘Carte Blanche’ Space is Sprinkled with Color

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A small and growing family in Bordeaux, France and their beautiful residence has a seemingly Swedish appeal to it. Originating as an old jukebox/pinball repair shop in the 1930’s, this home has had some new life breathed into it with a fresh coat of white paint and some splashes of color that just wrangles us in….

Artistic and Ethnic Mexican Apartment

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If there’s one thing that gets us going every time, it’s the use of anything cultural– especially when reflective of the Spanish and Mexican parts of the globe. This particular space by Mat Colision captivated our eyes and hearts with the very first image. Located in Mexico City of all places, this space is like an…

Peaked Roof Garage Loft Studio Apartment

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New Zealand based designer Karin Montgomery Spath has had a long lived career in more than one interior path. From textiles to linens and now home renovations and design– Spath’s resume is a well rounded one and this space doesn’t disappoint. For this couple who originally commissioned Karin to renovate their beautiful 70s home got more…

Grand Acanthus Rattan Bench

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Scale is a great factor when planning for and placing furniture into a home. When a grand entry, master suite or large dining room calls for an extra special piece of seating– certainly keep this beautiful oversized bench by Dolcefarniente in mind. Called ‘Ethuil,’ this bench is like a normal straight seater with a headboard attached….