Luxury Dog Hotel Accommodations in Malaysia

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Getting away to a hotel for a couple of days is so refreshing and rejuvenating, though we don’t always imagine the same for our four legged friends that end up in some less than stellar accommodations. Now located near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, there is a hotel for dogs that rivals some resorts of the world….

Stunning Aquapura Duoro Hotel of Portugal

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Vacationing in a new spot can be a daunting task if you want to have everything done just right, but this little gem on the Douro river in Portugal is a serene setting in the cultured country. Titled Aquapura Duoro, this hotel has about 71 rooms to accommodate plenty of people staying overnight. With multiple restaurants…

Contemporary ‘Click Clack Hotel’ of Colombia

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South America is host to some amazing design. The “Click Clack” Hotel of Bogotá, Colombia, takes a different approach not only to design, but to booking your room as well. Click Clack is tall and narrow, with living walls on the outside perimeters and plenty of viewing spots from within the lobby or the outside seating…

Tsala Treetop Hideaway, South Africa

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South Africa is home to tons of wildlife, natural foliage, and amazing views of the coast line. Hunter Hotels’s Tsala treetop hotel offers up the best of both worlds in a scenario where the boutique space has rooms up on the ridges to showcase the gorgeous views of the landscape as well as the luxe accommodations…

Twitter Based Social Wave Hotel in Mallorca, Spain

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With hashtags running things in social media at the moment, it only makes sense that a Spanish hotel would revolve itself around Twitter. Titled the “Social Wavehouse” hotel in Mallorca, so much of the space is designed around social activities, socially designed areas and of course– the almighty hashtag. There are different instances and impromptu areas…

Trendy Chic Generator Barcelona Hostel and Hotel

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There’s nothing that a little R&R won’t fix, and for many– that means getting away to a hotel even if just for the weekend. The Generator line of hostels/hotels has new accommodations in Barcelona, and they are a funky mix of great design and hostel chic. Most hostels of the past aren’t really much on the…

Wiesergut Austrian Boutique Hotel in the Alps

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Historic buildings are so gorgeous and full of amazing details, that it’s hard not to love them. Though this space doesn’t look like much of an old world architectural site, the 14th century shell and bones were kept in the same configuration to convert 4 story home into a small boutique hotel with 17 estate suites…

‘9h’ Nine Hours Sleep Capsule Hotel in Japan

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The Japanese have got quick overnight stays down to a five-step science. The ‘9h‘ Sleep Capsules are all housed in one sleek and contemporary location where the entire business model and design are built around nine hour increments. It’s as easy as arrive, shower, sleep, prepare and check out. While you’re not booking your stay to…

Stunning Le Meridien Cairo Hotel Overlooks Giza’s Ancient Pyramids

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Traveling to visit the ancient wonders of the world might be a thing of the past for some, but even with so much turmoil throughout the world, there are still some amazing hotels and spas to turn to. Starwood’s Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel offers an unparalleled view of the ancient Pyramids at Giza while providing gorgeous…

Whimsical Vice Versa Hotel Paris

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The name of this specialized boutique hotel says it all: Vice Versa. Whatever you think is, isn’t. While staying in these Parisian boutique accommodations, you’ll come to find that not everything is what it seems. Designed by Chantal Thomass around the seven deadly sins, there’s so much to see and do at this whimsical hotel. With…