Lounge Worthy Unconventional Desk

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A desk typically dictates that there will be a couple of things in the mix. One of which being a flat surface on which to place your computer, materials and whatever other work that needs to get done. The other implied item when talking about desks is a chair because you’ve got to park it somewhere…

Historic Farmhouse Residence and Workspace

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Spaces that double between living and working are a great success in so many ways- with one being the delightfully simple connection between the two. Being able to walk across the way to get work done, or slip home for lunch has its perks– and the architecture of this space by Oppenheim Architecture is a beautifully…

Product Guide: 9 Fun Sticky Notes For Your Home Office

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When you’ve got an office space that’s all work and no play, things can get a little dull. If you’re stuck in a drab interior that isn’t quite ready for an update but needs just a little bit of freshening up, there are a few ways that you can spruce up the space without going overboard….

Masculine Boutique Home Office in New York

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Homes and offices meld together so often these days, that it can be difficult to distinguish where work ends and home begins. Between businesses that are born in the home to telecommuting to work and the lives of bloggers, having a space that functions as both is a must. The boutique billboard company, Prince Media Co.,…

Gilded Rhino Collector’s Desk by Lalanne

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Francois-Xavier Lalanne is synonymous with his animal inspired furniture. Whether it’s a hippo inspired bar, custom detailing, or some exquisite other piece of furniture that’s disguised as a wild animal; each and every piece that has come from the creator is a collector’s item of some sort. The Rhinoceros Desk is a beautifully gilded piece, that…

Shape-Shifting Apartment Makes The Most of Small Space

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There may not be a whole lot that you think you could do with a tiny space in making it larger, or creating more room out of less; but Tokyo based architects Yuko Shibata prove that a small live-work space is possible within limited confines. This amazing space was designed around the hours of work time…