Triple Trinity Outdoor Hammock

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Outdoor lounging in a hammock is typically associated with tropical sunsets, a breezy ocean view, and constitutes a drink in hand. However, wherever hammocks are involved there’s typically only one. Trinity Hammocks created a way to link multiple hammocks together so as to create a social atmosphere. These hammocks aren’t just any standard woven hammock, either….

Redefining Outdoor Shelter with Kammok Roo & Glider

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Roughing it outdoors isn’t always everyone’s idea of fun, but when it comes to shelter you can go big, or keep things simple and refined with Kammok. The Kammok Roo is a hammock styled “tent” that is suspended just as a hammock would be, but is crafted of high grade material to keep you comfortable and…

Create A Perfect Hammock Spot Anywhere With Picnic Tables

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With all of the great weather in store for this summer, sometimes the only chair that seems appropriate is a hammock. Equipped for the laziest of days, hammocks are perfect for lounging– but you’ve typically got to have the perfect setup for one and plenty of space, too. Encore Heureux Design Studio created a simple conversion…

Leather, Metal and Felt Hammock by Jim Zivic

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Luxe furnishings are a great statement, and when you pair the unexpected materials of an industrial piece of furniture to something as simple as a hammock– it becomes an amazing match made. The collaboration between Ralph Pucci and Jim Zivic translates the same way, with an interesting hammock. Created from a steel frame with leather link…

WHITE Installation – Massive Lounging Hammock

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If you like lounging in hammocks, then you will absolutely love the WHITE Installation. Created by a 20 student collective over a 5 day period, the project is essentially one massive hammock. Built in a California gallery space spanning 416 square meters, the students utilized just under 7,500 square meters of plastic sheeting to create the…