Tiny Guest Space Cottage on Lake George, NY

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Having house guests isn’t always the highlight of having out-of-towners come to stay, but if you’ve got a special little spot for them it can be great. For this New York family, adding a little guest studio to their Lake George property made the most sense to accommodate those that are just visiting. Architect Jeffrey S….

Funky 60s Vibe Bus by Winkelman Architecture

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Buses have begun to add to the hype and interest of tiny homes, even making the appeal as a guest home out back at an existing residence. Winkelman Architecture created a mini-home out of an old school bus that is now painted green and has a retro sixties design on the interior. Located in Maine, this…

Organic Curved Florida Guest Home

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Florida is known for some off the wall architecture, unique color combinations and all around interesting designs. Architects Sweet Sparkman compiled a beautiful work of architecture for this guest home in Osprey, Florida to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings but still have a beautifully unique and organic identity. Known as the ‘Casey Key Guest House,’…

Contemporary Australian Add On Sheep Shearer’s Dwelling

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Located in the small Bruny Island in Tasmania, Australia, is this gorgeously contemporary structure that holds such a traditional purpose. A “Shearer’s quarters,” which is quite like a guest house, sits on this huge property and serves its created function– of course it’s shared with the guest house duties when necessary. The space is a gorgeous…

Peaceful Relaxation In a 92 Square Foot Pod

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J Square Architecture and Sett Studio created the prototype for a secondary structure to put on your property. Without turning an architectural project into an entire guest home or an overbearing structure– there are beautiful little pods that can be put virtually anywhere for a bit of peace and quiet. With the belief that “less is…

Low Maintenance Lake Buchanan Guest House

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Galvanized metal isn’t always the first home building material that comes to mind when talking “guest house.” But with this Mell Lawrence addition to an Austin property– the low-energy, efficient house is still warm and inviting. With a metal exterior and solar paneled roof, the loft style floor plan is completely self-sustainable. The rainwater collection system…

Small Long Island Guest Cottage Design

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Guest residences are typically more show than they get use out of, but with this Long Island based guest cottage and its hip, functional design– we would want to live here more than we’d like to admit. Though it’s a small space, the Gray Organschi Architecture built space is the ideal guest setting (let alone main…

Tiny 420 Square Foot Sustainable Backyard Cottage

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Taking a home to a smaller overall footprint is an interesting task, especially if you’re starting out with a larger square footage. On top of simplifying life, going off the grid and lessening a carbon footprint is a very real goal for some. This Berkley built backyard cottage is a small 420 square feet, but spacious…

Open One Column Pavilion House Addition

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Home additions can be a tricky process, whether you are going for a matching exterior or a completely different style than that of the built space you live in. DiA Architecture Studio gave one home an interesting take on an add on space. Cantilevered designs are always some of the sleekest and more interesting built spaces,…

Chatou: A Discreet Teenage Hideaway, France

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Kids always have a fascination with getting out and away from the main house every now and again. Especially if we’re talking teenagers. One family decided to prepare for that step early on with their “Chatou.” Designed with their son in mind, this multi-level hideout is a great space in the garden that is discreetly tucked…