Translucent Energy Efficient East Coast Home

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Energy efficiency and all of its perks typically comes in a brand new, shiny wrapped package. But for a unique little 19th century residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts, sustainability is a wonderful characteristic on top of the new futuristic look this renovated home possesses. The simple shaped architecture of the space is transformed by translucent plastic panels…

Off The Grid Solomare Hotel at Punta del Diablo

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Located on the shores of Punta del Diablo in Uruguay are a few little off-the-grid huts built by a female surfer who likes to getaway to the beach as often as possible. Painted blue and sitting on stilts, these ‘Solomare‘ huts are a stylish little retreat that are entirely sustainable. A thatched biodegradable roof adorns most…

Small Studio Apartment Divided with Plastic Crates

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If you’re living in an expensive metropolis where space comes at a premium, or you live alone where walls may not be necessary all of the time– a space that’s divided can still be achieved without extra walls and doors. For this particular single room apartment in São Paulo, it was a solution as simple as…

Bay Village Green Roof Residence

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Robert Maschke Architects of Ohio have some contemporary gems up their sleeves, and this Bay Village residence titled ‘Brahler Residence’ is a stunning sight of green design and LEED inspired architecture. What was an existing cottage style home has been transformed into a contemporary work of art that features plenty of natural light and beautiful materials….

Going Green: Make An Old Candle New Again With Rekindle

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Candles are a great way to do so many things in one with decor. They provide mood lighting, a great option for accessorizing, make your space smell nice and more. The annoying part about them is that they only last so long and can be a little bit messy when you head into the tapered realm….

Snowy Fontanella Mountain Village Home

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A beautiful boxy space was put together in such a beautiful way on the hills of Fontanella in Germany. What may not be a unique residence by way of California beach homes surely stands out against the snowy weather and otherwise barren land. Bernardo Bader Architects put together this simply stunning residence with a contemporary feel…

Green Design Angular ‘Viva’ Desk By Shift

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Always looking for great products that feature an interesting concept, a new material, or a sustainable design; Shift has caught our eye with their OSB built desk design called ‘Viva.’ Integrated details are a mixture of form and function, showing that good design can be both beautiful and useful. OSB (or oriented strand board) is typically…

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House

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RA Architecture has taken a contemporary home concept and integrated it into nature successfully in Portugal. With all of the gorgeous trees and untouched landscape, the homes that have unfolded on this plot appear like stylized snakes slithering through the grounds. With the idea to recreate the whimsy and great past time of tree houses, Luís…

70 Square Foot ‘OTIS’ Mobile Living Shelter

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Living sustainably can have so many different meanings from one person to another. But there’s no denying that this Optimal Traveling Independent Space (OTIS) has got sustainable design and living down to a science. With tiny mobile spaces becoming more of the norm, Green Mountain College of Vermont’s academic design program created their 70 square foot…

Tiny Guest Space Cottage on Lake George, NY

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Having house guests isn’t always the highlight of having out-of-towners come to stay, but if you’ve got a special little spot for them it can be great. For this New York family, adding a little guest studio to their Lake George property made the most sense to accommodate those that are just visiting. Architect Jeffrey S….