Seattle Houseboat by Graham Baba

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Architects Graham Baba have a very cultured approach to their designs, and the ‘Houseboat 9′ is a prime example of such. Located in Seattle, Washington, this residence is a bit more house than it is boat. Sitting just underneath a bridge and among other spaces and boats similar to its kind. The plan is multi-tiered and…

Contemporary Beach Style Mission Creek Floating Home

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Just when you thought that there weren’t any more enticing floating homes out there, Robert Nebolon Architects show off their Mission Creek project that’s a whole lot more spacious inside than it appears upon a first look. The exterior appears to be somewhat industrial and mod, with a shipping container style ridging along the multi-colored volumes….

Live off The Land: 15 Gorgeous Floating Houseboats

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Floating homes are the epitome of cool in the Summertime, or year round in some locations. While this isn’t a feasible idea for so many to live on the water, inspiration always lies ahead for those planning their next move, renovation or even retirement. While some are mobile and others are stationary, With the warmer weather…

Amazing Floating Teepee Lake Residence

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Surely small residences are the norm for many, but what about floating homes? Or teepee houses? As an Australian University student, William Woodbridge is one of the few who could attest to all of the above with a home that he built himself– a floating teepee house. Situated on Lake Ginninderra in Australia, this teepee is…

The Ark Floating Housing by Alexander Remizov

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Disaster relief is never really an exciting topic of choice to discuss, but with global warming a very real issue at hand– there are people and architects out there thinking about the future. For those thinking of extreme climate changes and environmental conditions, the Ark may be a great solution. Created as a building that has…

Floating Fennell Residence in Portland

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Portland, Oregon plays home to many nature based projects, and with a concern for being green– it’s a way of life for many rather than just a fad. Robert Harvey Oshatz‘s expertise as an architect served this 2005 project well, with many nods to organic shapes and fluidity. The curves and flowing lines of the architecture…

Floating Napa River House by Craig Steely Architecture

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For those looking to get away from the city life, Napa is considered by many to be one of the most desired cities to live in. Known by many for their beautiful wine vineyards, the area is also home to some of the most stunning residences we have come across including this beautifully constructed Napa River…

Contemporary Floating Home in Seattle, Washington by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects

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Floating homes are nothing out of the ordinary in Seattle, Washington, but the this beautifully designed dwelling from the team at Vandeventer + Carlander Architects certainly is something extraordinary. This nearly 2,900 square foot home features plenty of room for a single family including three bedrooms along with three and a half bathrooms. Residing on Lake…

‘Hausboot Silverbeaver’ Floating River Home in Germany

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Looking for a cozy place near the water, or better yet on the water? Then this modest yet beautiful home by Confused-Direction Design will definitely tickle your fancy. This humble abode is floating on the waters of the Hunte River located in Oldenburg, Germany. Seeing that the home is located in the middle of the wilderness,…

Nautical Themed Floating Lake House in Seattle, Washington

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Waterfront living is a dream for many of us, and this stunning floating lake house by the team at Designs Northwest Architects is exactly what we have in mind when dreaming up the perfect dwelling. Covered in a timber facade, this symmetrical lake house resides on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. The exterior features plenty of…