‘Heads or Tails’ Versatile Dog Furniture Set

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Great design and pet furniture aren’t always at the forefront of cutting edge trends, but Nendo of Japan knows just how to make an appealing product that will look just right in your space. The ‘Heads or Tails’ collection is all about having versatility in the design of one product, and each piece in this three…

The Nomad Dog’s Home by Marco Morosini

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‘Dog is A God‘ is certainly a motto that Italian designer Marco Morosini lives and dies by. His dog furniture series are a beautiful combination of love for Fido as well as a penchant for design. While he’s got plenty of other endeavors, we happen to love his luxury ‘trailer’ style accommodations for smaller sized dogs….

Toon Town Style Storybook Dog Home by Monster City Studios

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The creator of Monster City Studios in Fresno, California, has created numerous life size scaled pieces of sculpted foam into masterpieces. The three dimensional foam pieces are ultimately used as props, interiors and exteriors of buildings and utilized for amusement parks as well. Speaking of amusement parks, this latest one by James Powell is slightly reminiscent…

DIY Inspiration: Make a Minimalist Pine Crafted Dog Bed

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Pet beds can be a very personal choice. When you’re not just buying a cushion for the living room floor and are rather buying an actual piece of furniture to add to your home, it can be a hard decision. That’s when crafting your dog (or cat) their own piece may come into play. If a…

16 Dog House Designs To Keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer

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Dog houses are what you make of them. If Fido spends a lot of time outdoors or crated while you’re away– a place just for your four legged friend may be an important investment not only for your dog, but for the aesthetics of your home or backyard. With modern technologies (such as the internet), social…

Quirky Dog Bark Park Inn Cottonwood, Idaho

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If ever on a whim you are traveling to Cottonwood, Idaho, there’s a little gem of a place that’s a great stop off (weather permitting). If you’re in need of an overnight stay, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a most wonderful spot that has all of the essentials– all within a gigantic Beagle dog sculpture….

Famous Architecture Reinterpreted For Dogs

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Famed architects and their innovations in the built world of architecture have an impact and leave a lasting impression on society. Whether you’ve witnessed these marvels in real life or just taken them in via imagery, they can leave you wanting more. Without being able to afford something from one of these architects or whatever the…