Adaptive Lightbulb Shaped Silhouette Lamp

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This simple and sleek Silhouette light by M Parsons is a unique take on the light fixture as we know it. While we consider it lighting รก la Dyson, this lamp has a sense of style that’s all its own. The lamp itself might be shaped like a bulb that’s come to be not so original…

Kinect Based Bathtub Gaming

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Bathing is time to relax for some, and time to stay busy for others. Whether you’re either of these types, Koike Laboratory of Tokyo has a product they are developing for you. With technology becoming more and more integrated to our every move, there is almost a way to bathe with a touchscreen in the water….

10 Creative Spaces Featuring Blacklights

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Interior design comes in so many forms, and while so many are working on creating lighter and brighter spaces; lighting design and the use of blacklights is highly underrated. From pools to theater rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and everything in between– blacklights can be applied in a tasteful way that doesn’t only allude to the psychedelic times…

Swedish Designed Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen

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Created by young Finland based designer, Harri Koskinen, the Block Lamp is an ingenious decorative light to own– and a classic at that. Playing up a whole slew of contrasting elements and contradictions of the world, this award winning light design is simple but progressive. Playing up opposites like fire and ice, hot and cold really…

Jellyfish Inspired ‘Medusae’ Collection Lighting by Roxy Russell

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Contemporary lighting can be extremely expensive and for a lot of people, the last thing on the list when it comes to re-designing a space. Roxy Towdry-Russell’s Medusae lighting collection features 4 different kinds of Jellyfish inspired pendants. Hydra, Medusa, Polyp, and Ophelia all have their distinct looks and range in price from about $325 to…

Lumio Book Light by Max Gunawan

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Lighting can often be an afterthought in a home design, and the Lumio light is created for those who might be on the go, or just in need of some mood lighting for the occasion. Designed by Industrial Designer Max Gunawan, the light is disguised as a book and opens up to reveal a nicely lit…

Bacterioptica Petri Dish Chandelier by Madlab

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Science buffs can rejoice over something other than lab coats and test tubes. Now’s the time to get excited over something for the home, and on the plus side it is still science related. The “Bacterioptica” chandelier is a simply gorgeous addition to any home, and it serves as a multi-functional science experiment if you want…

Connecting Loved Ones With The Good Night Lamp

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Friends and families who live what seems like worlds away are always looking for ways to reconnect. Though there are so many social networks, messaging tools and ways to say hello; this Kickstarter project allows loved ones to be connected in a more subtle way. The Good Night Lamp is a part of a “family” of…

16 Spectacular Light Fixtures To Improve Your Space

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Lighting can be a great way to spruce up any interior. The fixtures you select can be something simple and elegant to add to the overall look of a space, or something wild and crazy to evoke a mood. If left out or placed as an afterthought– it can be a difficult thing to find that…