Brazilian Space Features Bold Hues

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When it comes to Brazilians and color, they aren’t afraid. Whether it be clothes, culture or the home– these people love color and aren’t afraid to use it. This particular space is under 700 square feet, but really shows how to lay on multiple colors with art and accessories and make it all work. Designed by…

1930’s ‘Carte Blanche’ Space is Sprinkled with Color

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A small and growing family in Bordeaux, France and their beautiful residence has a seemingly Swedish appeal to it. Originating as an old jukebox/pinball repair shop in the 1930’s, this home has had some new life breathed into it with a fresh coat of white paint and some splashes of color that just wrangles us in….

Art Filled London Space Beaming with Character

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A home that can be described as artfully cultured, bachelor-esque or just plain fun all involve this London residence. Located in Clerkenwell, London– this space doesn’t just stop adding color with art. KMK Architects designed this naturally lit space to have plenty of additional elements that add to the overall space. Colorful lighting that’s been recessed…

5 Quick Tips For Incorporating Complementary Colors In Your Home

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Color can be a difficult thing to incorporate into the home, especially for those who are a little less bold with color choices. Those who get sick of color easily, or maybe the bachelor who needs something other than black leather or red and white in his home. While there’s no real rule when dealing with…

Bright, Artful Mid Century Modern Home

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California living is all over the board as far as style is concerned, and the interior of this mid-century modern style home in Orange County, CA is no exception. A big splash of personality is made with the bright and abstract art pieces throughout the entry and public spaces. This residence has a great mixture of…

Colorful West London Family Residence

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There’s nothing more cheery than a home that is full of bold colors and bright accents. Combine all of the colors under the rainbow and you’ve got a space that never tires of bland white walls and lifeless furniture. This West London residence by Andy Martin Architects is home to five unique bedrooms and a plethora…

Colorfully Tinted ‘Casa Las Hormigas’ Residence in Spain

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Color is a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it be with the color painted on the walls, accented furniture or art pieces throughout, color is almost always welcome as a form of expression. When color is translated to the exterior, it can be an exciting and expressive way to live, like this home in Spain….

Vibrant Florence, Italy Residence by Simone Micheli

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Italian design is some of the most bold and off the wall out there, with no fear of color, pattern, mixing and matching or all of the above mixed together. Simone Micheli is one Italian that took old age adages and applied them to new age ideals to make his small family home in Florence. He…

Colorfully Patterned House Showcases 30,000 Bottle Caps

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If you’re familiar with Outsider Art forms and the various parts and pieces that artists use to create any and all of their art forms. A Russian woman named Olga Kostina lives in a small village called “Karmarchaga” where she recently put her plastic bottle cap collection to good use on the facade of her home….

Colorful Brazilian Urban Cabin

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An abundance of color might not be for everybody, but for designer Fabio Galeazzo, color is everything. His Sao Paulo Urban Cabin retreat reflects that sensibility, and the exterior is painted in a pattern that’s all too familiar in more of a mosaic style that we typically see with tiles, and the interior is radiating with…