Small Parc Royale Home in Hong Kong

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Finding any kind of square footage in a city as large as Hong Kong is an accomplishment in itself, and this particular space even has plenty of natural light as well. In Hims Design put together a space that includes plenty of storage, contemporary elements and even a little outdoor area overlooking city life and greenery….

Gallery Style Tapered House Design

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Index Architecture has created a small vacation home located in China. This particular space is simple and neat, with plenty of architectural details to be seen throughout the interior. And who are we kidding, anything that has a Herman Miller Spun chair in us has got us digging deeper. And the special yellow color has an…

Sunken Terrace Garden in China

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Garden terraces and rooftop patios are a popular design element these days, and Turenscape of China has created virtually the opposite with a sunken terrace outside. Located in the Bridged Gardens, this sweet little sitting area is perfect for visitors to take a load off and regroup within nature. This central portion of the gardens steps…

Natural Mountain Mansion Built Upon a 24 Story Urban Building in China

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As we all know by now, China‘s land available is at a premium. With space being an issue, the Chinese build up– having some enormous skyscrapers throughout the country as well as being known for some less than stellar living conditions. Professor Zhang Lin decided that in order to take advantage of this situation, he would…

Blue Butcher: A Sophisticated Meat Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Who would have thought meat could be so elegant? With a greeting upon walking in the front entrance of “pleased to meat you,” it’s hard to imagine you could have a bad time. Blue Butcher of Hong Kong is a stunning restaurant that utilizes a walk-in drying room that’s filled with pink salt bricks, and a…

Small Hong Kong Apartment Packs A Colorful Punch

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Small spaces are a dime a dozen in cities such as Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean that they lack on style in any sense of the word. This 630 square foot apartment might be small on size, but the interior is bold and beautiful– and clearly not scared of a little bit of color. Urban…

First Ever Panda Themed Haoduo Hotel in China

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Hotel themes are always an interesting event, especially when staying in an area that’s known for the particular theme of its accommodations. The Haoduo Hotel in China is expected to open its doors in May of this year with a whole lot of Panda themed spaces and even Panda-style events. Plush Panda dolls, artwork and even…

A Giant Wall Constructed of 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes

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Ancient mosaic creations are some of the most breathtaking old works of art that you can experience. And with modern technologies of today and all of the amazing artists out there, it’s hard not to have so many interesting mixed mosaics throughout the globe. One of the most awe inspiring mosaic walls we’ve seen to date…

Spiraling Stack of Bikes Creates ‘Forever Bicycles’ Installation

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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is a great master at creating beautiful art installations. His “Forever Bicycles” is always an ingenious use of such a large scaled, awkward media. Utilizing 1,200 bikes, Weiwei creates all kinds of inspiring compositions out of the cycles. Each bike has had its handlebars and seats removed, which allows the metal parts…

LED Lit Ice Slides At The Harbin Ice Festival in China

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Though it is only in town for one month, the Harbin Ice Festival is a great vacation destination for those looking to venture onto the cooler side of travel. Located in China is a castle crafted of ice with multiple slides attached, among other amazing ice sculptures. Created for public use, this set of intricate slides…