Contemporary Concrete Wave Residence

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It’s always nice to see a home that doesn’t boast your average entryway, or the typical ‘layout’ that’s seen 99% of the time. For this Chilean residence along the coastline, architect Raimundo Anguita created a concept that truly integrates the architecture with the land, and the whole home almost appears to be sunken into the ground….

Tiny Chilean Cabin in the Woods

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Escaping to the great outdoors can mean so many things. One of them being a wonderful cabin retreat that is tiny enough to be hidden, and large enough to accommodate a stay for as long as need be. This beautiful little space by MC2 Architecture is a wonderful addition to the woods of Chile and sits…

Stunning Chilean Beach Home

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Architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton created a contemporary beach house style abode in the beachy city of Buchupureo, Chile. It’s a two piece structure that sits just off of a hillside looking down into the crashing ocean waves. The home is small, yet features breathtaking panoramic Pacific Ocean views and an indoor/outdoor mixture that can’t…

Creative Chilean Caterpillar Shipping Container Home

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Creative mastermind Sebastian Irarrazaval Architects put together this contemporary Chilean residence, with a main focus on prefabrication. This Caterpillar Residence was built with prefab parts in mind; based off of shipping containers. Multiple modules sit hillside, with portions residing at angles and slopes that would otherwise have been leveled or built around. Retaining walls were placed,…

Luxury Boutique Hotel Stay at Chile’s Tierra Patagonia

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South America has some beautiful land and places to stay, but none are quite like the boutique experience and design of Tierra Patagonia, located just along the Lake Sarmiento in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The reserve has been a part of the National Park since 1978, and this low key 40 room accommodation and spa are…

Romantic Chilean Loft by Matias Silva & Arquitectos

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Loft spaces are always a beautiful addition to any property, and this Chilean built loft is a nice little contemporary gem tucked away into the lush hills of the countryside. Titled “Lo Curro,” this Matias Silva built home is built of concrete block, wood and steel. The home itself is 1,500 square feet with an expansive…

Magic Mountain Lodge of Huilo-Huilo, Chile

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Vacationing at a South American retreat where the landscape and even the mountain inspired accommodations feel like an intense dream is truly a sight. The Nature Reserve of Huilo-Huilo in Chile plays host to an amazing “Magic Mountain” lodge that you’d almost rather sleep outside of just to enjoy the view. This rustic lodge was built…

2011 Glass Arco House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

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This amazing residence was built after the Chilean earthquake hit ConcepciĆ³n in 2010, so a large majority of its great design is based on the reinforced concrete and steel structure that isn’t seen (but rather felt). Pezo von Ellrichshausen created this amazing four level home that features all around glazing and metal on the facade. One…

Canvas Domes At Elqui Domos Hotel, Chile

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Stargazing out in the desert is a great time if astrology is your thing. What makes the Elqui Domos hotel a great place is that the accommodations don’t include camping. You can have your stars and sleep in an actual room, too. Each dome shaped, canvas stretched room has a unique “skylight” type cutout to enjoy…

Sleek 11 Women House by Mathias Klotz

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South America is full of some of the most gorgeous beaches that the world knows, and some great contemporary architecture. This amazing space designed by Architect Mathias Klotz takes full advantage of ocean views and a steep sloping hill that cascades down to the Pacific Ocean. Located in Chile, The Casa 11 Mujeres (or “11 Women…