Contemporary Barn Inspiration By MU Architects

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Having a barn as a home may not be an ideal situation for some, but for a Canadian family just off of the St. Lawrence River it was the perfect inspiration. The Malbaie VIII Residence by MU Architects was derived from an old but tried and true concept. So the two storey home was constructed with…

Recycled 160 Square Foot Gypsy Style Wagon House

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Gypsies have a penchant for a specific look and feel to their overall style, and if you think of things that they are synonymous for (other than their colorful clothing), it would most likely be their caravan of wagons drifting from locale to locale. Located in British Columbia on the Kootenay Lake, this shingle covered wagon…

Warm ‘Nuzzles’ Huts in Canada

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It’s not all that often we see areas specifically made to keep warm out in Southern California, but apparently during the icy winter months in Canada there’s a real market for it. Toronto based design firm RAW was able to win a contest where their hut creation was used along the frozen river for chilly ice…

Secret Canadian HemLoft Tree House

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There’s always a great interest in the places that aren’t found, or the little gems that are lesser known. The HemLoft is a sweet oval shaped treehouse that is built within the branches of some Canadian trees on a piece of property that was not approved or known about for years. Built by Joel Allen in…

Cedar, Oak and Walnut Winter Home

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YH2 Architects put together this natural material based winter home, located in Quebec. with YH2 Being a Quebec based architecture firm, their ‘La Luge’ project is situated on a more private plot of land. Having a winer home out in this severe weather climate may not look like much until the actual setting is witnessed, and…

Stealthy Canadian Cabin by Superkül

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Canadian architects and designers of Superkül have created a contemporary little cabin that’s situated on a lake in Bracebridge. Though it may not look like much from the exterior, this little space is a cozy cottage home for a small family. Clean lines and light neutral colors were used in the interior design, while the exterior…

Twelve Unit Shipping Container Housing Complex

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Canada is home to a twelve unit shipping container community by the Atira Women’s Resource Society, that’s ben created with the intent to house women who have been the subject of abuse and are of the low-income level of earnings. Each unit is about 280 to 290 square feet of space, and offers some extra amenities…

Whimsical Contemporary Toronto Royal York Residence

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Light-hearted, whimsical design gives a great feeling within a home. Though it can’t really be put in a box, this Toronto residence certainly evokes a sophisticated garden feel to it without being over styled. There’s a very eclectic air about the interior to this home, with Restoration Hardware pieces and contemporary art collections dispersed throughout. R.H….

Small Hill Cottage Home in Quebec

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Kariouk Associates planned this year round cottage in Quebec to be privately located, and an ultimate destination at any point in any season. The exterior, though red, is inconspicuous and beautifully crafted in the hillside landscape of Val-des-Monts. From the front, the space is a private and recluse retreat. From all other angles, this cottage built…

Canadian ‘Zigloo Domestique’ Shipping Container Home Prototype

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Zigloo Domestique is one of Canada’s very first shipping container homes, and with this prototype comes some beautiful details in the recycled material. Built from 8 varying 20-foot containers, this residence is sitting at 1,920 square feet. A mixture of salvaged, new and upcycled pieces all makes up the unique beauty of the space. Designer Keith…