Brazilian Space Features Bold Hues

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When it comes to Brazilians and color, they aren’t afraid. Whether it be clothes, culture or the home– these people love color and aren’t afraid to use it. This particular space is under 700 square feet, but really shows how to lay on multiple colors with art and accessories and make it all work. Designed by…

Corner Casa Grecia in São Paulo

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Contemporary homes in Brazil are obviously not a dime a dozen compared to its population, but the majority of beautifully built spaces in the São Paulo area happen to be contemporary in style. This particular home, Casa Grecia, by Isay Weinfeld is a marvelous depiction of a natural space extending from the outside in. None of…

Colorful Concrete Brazilian ‘Ad House’ Design

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There’s something so fresh and gorgeous about the designs that come from the brain of Guilherme Torres. Located in Brazil, this designer has a penchant for the life and excitement that comes from each and every color– and knows how to use it, too. The ‘Ad House’ is one in which the walls are pretty much…

480 Square Foot 12.20 Contemporary House Design

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It’s a constant treat to see how other families in different parts of the world live small without sacrifice. Though this home is small, it certainly isn’t lacking much other than the square footage of your average American home– which is intentional on their part. Created by Brazil’s Alex Nogueria, the home is a 484 square…

São Paulo Graphic Design Residence

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A home suited for a graphic design aficionado that also needs all of the girly frills doesn’t seem like the easiest of tasks, but this home in São Paulo, Brazil is one that’s memorable for the unique exterior and just as interesting interior design all by Isay Weinfeld. The Sumaré House showcases architectural features that are…

São Paulo Colorful Contemporary Home

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Brazil is home to bold colors, Carnival, plenty of rooted culture and creative design. With the more sophisticated and contemporary designer Fernanda Marques at the helm of the ‘Limantos Residence’ you can expect to easily fall in love with the casual excitement that the interior spaces of this large home provides. Almost a museum like effect…

Soft Balanced Interior in Rio de Janeiro

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Many of times, homes in Rio de Janeiro are mostly focused on the connection to the outdoors. So much so, that a lot of the interior elements and details are lost in translation. This space by Gisele Taranto showcases the epitome of great design in a bustling big city. Ceilings are high and furniture is low…

300 Square Foot Functional Brazilian Apartment

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A functionally folding apartment in Brazil isn’t the first, but is definitely a winning design that’s got plenty of intricate areas and beautifully designed spaces within an open and accommodating space. With roughly 320 square feet to spare, this resident has the ultimate transforming home. Simple design tricks were used in creating this interior to look…

Vintage Style Happy Chic Home by Gil Mello

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Brazilians are known for their high energy, great spirits and boldness. It may not always translate into design, but with this retro styled residence in Sao Paulo– it does. The vibrant stylings of this space are a great ode to culture and personal inspiration, with fun pop art styled graphics and understated furnishings with a twist….

Industrial Harmony Residence in São Paulo

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Designer Mauricio Arruda of Brazil has created so many sophisticated rustic interiors, and his “Harmony Residence” is no exception to the rule. Though this space is a little bit more raw around the edges, the overall concept and feel has Arruda’s signature style everywhere. Finished in August of 2010, the 1400 square foot space utilizes the…