Rural Camping Style Stay at a Germany Hotel

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Camping is a release for the nature inclined who are seeking a getaway from all of the technology, people, noises and modern-day troubles. For those of us that are looking for a ‘camp-like’ experience without all of the required roughing it– look no further than this sweet little German Hotel. This Huetten Palast hotel is a…

Raw Beauty of Hotel Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Hotel Escondido is a wonderful new little property in the relatively untouched locale of Oaxaca, Mexico. With the appearance of a neutral hued adobe hut comes a lovely interior that’s perfect parts soft and inviting, while still remaining contemporary and indigenous at its core. Grupo Habita has a laundry list of hospitality projects they’ve been involved…

Upcycled Double Decker Bus Hotel

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Mobile dwellings have really had an upswing in popularity in the past year or two, and this particular upcycled double decker bus performs as a mobile hotel space. It took British carpenter Adam Collier-Woods six months to take an old and ordinary double decker bus and transform it into the roaming hotel that it is today….

Eclectic Los Angeles Digs by Knibb Design

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Hotel accommodations might not always appear in your mind as an eclectic, old and repurposed building– but after seeing this Koreatown boutique space called ‘The Line‘ you may think twice. L.A.’s Knibb Design took on the project with the intent to create spaces that really give the guest a spot to park and overlook the skyline,…

Expressive and Woodsy Hotel in Belgium

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Europe has some of the best forthcoming designs in hospitality and is more opt to think outside of the box than the hotels and spaces of its American counterparts. The Suite Sans Cravate is one example that showcases a unique presence in each and every space. Great lighting, a mix of beautiful angles, woods, rich color…

Mint Colored Bay Beach Club Down Under

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Finding sweet little boutique spots are the best finds whether on vacation or exploring your home town. Watsons Bay Beach Club is a boutique hotel in Australia and is one of those gems, situated in between coasts. With only 32 rooms, this small scale hotel has the perfect outdoor setting for you to sit back, relax…

Chic Contemporary Bora Bora Overwater Retreat

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Overwater retreats are some of the most enticing looking vacation mainstays, and Bora Bora never sounds like a bad decision. Le Meridien is known for their fanciful resorts with this island spot being one of the most sought after. On top of all of the already amazing activities in this clear water location, the amenities and…

The Poet’s Loft of Tomales Bay

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There’s no denying the whimsical feel that the California beaches give off. This particular little vacation spot called the ‘Poet’s Loft‘ comes to you from the Tomales Bay in Marshall, Ca where the population is only 50. A sweet and quiet spot that’s perfect for a romantic getaway and sits on the water, this little 2…

London’s Corfu Suite: Voted World’s Sexiest Hotel Room

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The Smith Hotel awards are on their 10th annual run, and when the pair who promotes luxurious and romantic escapes with your other half finds the creme de la creme of a certain category, it’s best to listen up. This year’s awards are full of different categories, but the one that struck us the most is…

Stunning Aquapura Duoro Hotel of Portugal

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Vacationing in a new spot can be a daunting task if you want to have everything done just right, but this little gem on the Douro river in Portugal is a serene setting in the cultured country. Titled Aquapura Duoro, this hotel has about 71 rooms to accommodate plenty of people staying overnight. With multiple restaurants…