Three Story Living Hamster Wheel ‘In Orbit’

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Art has been taken to new heights (literally) this month in Brooklyn, New York. Equal parts installation and performance art, two friends and artists have created an abnormally large sized hamster wheel for humans and lived in it for 10 days. Situated in a boiler room of Williamsburg, this pair’s built environment is constantly moving as…

Fallen Matte Black ‘Landed’ Home Down Under

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There’s something beautifully shocking about an absolutely normal object placed in an abnormal setting. Ian Strange is one to take the extreme from this, and his latest art installation for the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. The ‘Landed’ house sits outside of the museum as a seemingly suburban home that has crash landed into an…

Industrial Rocker Chic Art Studio Home by 4M

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Melding multiple cultures, styles and life experiences into a single home for a couple can be a daunting task. But somehow, 4M Group figured out how to blend the distinct vision for a husband and wife into a luxe rock and roll meets ultra glam, industrial art studio and home with their standard residential couture approach….

6.5 Foot Carved Wood Cube Casts Mega Shadows

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Artist Anila Quayyum Agha knows all too well the power of mixed media and making a statement. For one of the more direct approaches taken to one of the famed art works, intricate carvings were made into a gigantic wood cube that measures six and a half feet on all sides. Titled ‘Intersections,’ this piece is…

An Illusionist’s Dream: Mirror Covered Tiny House

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There are many modern takes on homes that blend into a landscape, and for Japanese artist Harumi Yukutake it just so happens to mean applying mirrors to the facade of a small home out in the open. Titled ‘Restructure’ the small home takes cues from the surrounding greenery to showcase the natural wonders that a built…

A ‘Wizard of Oz’ House Reproduction

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‘The Wizard of Oz’ is such a classic, tried and true movie that’s a classic for almost everyone at some point in their lives. Being that this year is the 75th anniversary of the movie, artists gathered together to create a perfect reproduction of Dorothy’s mangled tornado home. Scrap metal, plywood, glass, and shingles were used…

Upside Down Polish Cabin

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Located in Szymbark (Shimbark), Poland, this home looks like your average cabin if you’re not looking at it right side up. But if your feet are planted on the ground– the home is upside down. Architect Daniel Chapevski has created this space as a piece of symbolism in Poland. According to Chapevski, the home was crafted…

Giant Swarovski Installation at Versailles

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If you’ve ever had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the Palace of Versailles, you know the awe and feeling of overwhelming grandeur that’s within the huge historic structure. Through all of the various chambers, halls and ornate decor is a new installation by none other than Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The creative gurus…

11.5 Foot Cat Sofa Installation

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Weird and quirky furniture pieces aren’t always the norm, but they certainly make a statement wherever they are at. This particular creation is the product of a 2010 installation based on a domestic cat’s habitat. Placed in the master bedroom of this apartment is an eleven and a half foot cat sofa, situated in a laying…

1940’s Cabin Turned Surreal Mirrored Art

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Phillip K Smith III’s ‘Lucid Stead’ cabin is an interesting piece of refurbished architecture in the California Joshua Tree desert. Built around 70 years ago, this little wood stead has had a facelift that’s got a modern twist to it. Mirrored ‘planks’ similar to the dark wood that clads the exterior make the cabin look as…