Mixed Media London Penthouse by TG Studio

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London is chock full of historic buildings, so it’s no surprise that this gorgeously carved out home is a part of the classic London St.Pancras. The mix of media happens to be the old and the new, with the traditional and contemporary finishes and fixtures as imagined by TG Studio. The sprawling lower level is simple…

23 Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pool Inspirations

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While the weather is heating up and Summer just a short visit away, there are still those unwarranted rainy days to deal with. Dreaming are the days of indoor swimming pools for the simple times when you just want to dive right in and imagine yourself immersed in the sunlight, sand and blue waters. Indoor swimming…

500 Square Foot Off The Grid ‘Soleta’ Home

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Most off the grid homes might not look like much, but this beautiful ‘Soleta Home’ space created by Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions (FITS) is all that and more. The structures are sound and green, with a flexible nature that allows for various sizes and types to be built. The homes have the…

The Rustic, Raw and Refined Home of Ellen Degeneres

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Ellen Degeneres and long time partner Portia de Rossi share this lovely Santa Monica (Los Angeles) home together, and their casual style is anything but pretentious. While you might think that Ellen’s loud and funny personality would equate to a vibrant and over the top home life– think again. Ellen’s love for design is combined with…

1970s Capitello Chaise Lounge by Studio 65

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Surreal furniture is always an interesting topic of conversation, especially when placed in an unexpected space. Studio 65 designed this ionic style column trio back in the 70s and dubbed it “Colonna”– but scaled it up and cut it into three angular sections to create a seat, chaise and side table for lounging. Whether stacked up…

Small Remote Cabin in Vermont

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The practice of sustainable design takes on so many meanings and requirements, that it can be difficult to determine what’s most important when devising a plan for building a home. This 600 square foot cabin in South Lincoln, Vermont, showcases what can be done when thinking sustainably and green. Joan Heaton Architects utilized the practice of…

How To: Give Your Bathroom A Home Spa Makeover

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The main bathroom in our homes can be a place for relaxation and clearing the mind after a taxing day, so having a space that reflects that visually can help to quickly put the mind at ease. For everyone in your household, the bathroom is an exemplary space of cleanliness. For many women, especially, the bathroom…

‘Mudgee Tower’ Tiny Camping Structure in Australia

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Camping in a tent can be all the fun for some, but we’d have to argue that camping in this small constructed space in New South Whales, Australia would be an exciting adventure. Casey Brown Architecture was the mastermind behind this project, which includes a rain water collection tank, kitchen, living area, and small sleeping loft….

2 Bar House by Feldman Architecture

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Feldman Architecture always has something beautifully green up their sleeves– and this time it is their lovely 2 Bar Home in Menlo Park, California. An open plan for this home was of importance along with the green elements of a new and functional space. The overall structure of this house is based on perpendicular bars that…

Graph Inspired Spread 10y Wood Magazine Rack

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Magazine Racks may be a little bit outdated for those who use their tablet devices for brushing up on the latest news and information. For those who still read the tangible magazines, Studio Inesistente created a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that displays your reading materials in a unique and contemporary way. The unit was inspired…