Mangrove Floating Forest in Homebush Bay, Australia

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Homebush Bay, Australia, plays host to a series of shipwrecked boats- both large and small. After 102 years, the wreckage remains rusted over and still sitting in the waters, with some lodged in brush and debris. There is one in particular called the “SS Ayrfield” that has taken up a newfound purpose in its days. The…

Giant Trees Repurposed Into Garden Tree House

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Japanese Architecture firm Hironaka Ogawa were the masterminds behind this amazing home expansion in Kagawa, Japan. With the new found need for space, came the necessary demolition of old, sacred trees that had so much sentimental meaning for the homeowners. Instead of just parting ways, it was decided that the two trees would be repurposed into…

Vibrant Washi Tape Warehouse Pop Up Shop Decoration

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Japanese style masking tape, more commonly known as “washi tape,” has seen a popular burst in use from us here stateside. With all of its amazing organizational uses, it’s hard not to want to put these intricately decorated tapes on just about anything and everything. Artist Koji Iyama created this jaw dropping installation with mt masking…

Life Sized Barbie Dreamhouse Tour Experience, Florida & Berlin

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Many young girls have always wanted the “dream” life just like Barbie. While she always has the unattainable, now girls in Florida and even Berlin have the opportunity to visit “Barbie: The Dreamhouse Experience.” Visitors on both sides of the globe will have the chance to truly get inside of Barbie‘s home and see it all…

Former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery Turned ‘Brewhouse Inn’

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Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic beer, and while the former brewery compound in Milwaukee is closed down (and has been, for quite some time), it is now proudly titled “Brewhouse Inn & Suites.” It’s a collection of 90 higher end suites, rooms and extended stay suites (studio, one and two bedrooms) for visitors to the…

Mesh ‘Membrane’ Chair by Benjamin Hubert

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Chairs are a dime a dozen out there, but a chair that solves a problem or offers up a great and easy solution is always a treat. Benjamin Hubert‘s design of the “Membrane” chair is an incredibly beautiful and simple solution for those on the go, or in a small space that tends to shift around…

Design Inspiration: Top 17 Gatsby Inspired Art Deco Spaces

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With the success of the early Summer blockbuster “Gatsby” it’s only fair that we give the design style of the 20s, 30s and 40s proper recognition. Art Deco was a major influencer in so many rectilinear and symmetrical patterns we see today. With much of the Deco style featuring bone, wood and other high end material…

Tiny Parisian Color Rendering Index Apartment

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Architects Betillon and Dorval Bory were commissioned for the renovation of a tiny Paris apartment for a couple sharing the lofty space. The minimalist style is a blessing to this small footprint, though the science based exploration of the Color Rendering Index (or CRI) is the highlight of it all. The main spaces are all dictated…

UnderBelly Urban Ramen House Design

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While we’ve featured some great designs by Basile Studio, one of their most successful and trendy completions is a 650 square foot restaurant space in San Diego, California. A small urban hipster space set in the Little Italy neighborhood of the city features the perfect indoor/outdoor combination for the amazing weather offered in America’s finest city….

Sturdy ‘Abod’ Prefab Structures For $6,000 Housing

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There are so many reasons to have great prefab housing for those in need, and in lower-income areas. While it’s not drywall and foundation based, these homes come compact and easy to deliver with simple installation instructions. With Abod homes able to reach the far corners of the world and people who need it most, this…