Going Green: Make An Old Candle New Again With Rekindle

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Candles are a great way to do so many things in one with decor. They provide mood lighting, a great option for accessorizing, make your space smell nice and more. The annoying part about them is that they only last so long and can be a little bit messy when you head into the tapered realm….

480 Square Foot 12.20 Contemporary House Design

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It’s a constant treat to see how other families in different parts of the world live small without sacrifice. Though this home is small, it certainly isn’t lacking much other than the square footage of your average American home– which is intentional on their part. Created by Brazil’s Alex Nogueria, the home is a 484 square…

Early 1900s Inspired Starbucks in New Orleans

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With a city that’s got as much history as New Orleans, you’d only come to expect everything in the area to become themed in some way shape or form. And that’s the case, even if you’re coffee giant, Starbucks. The culture and rich past of the city holds its own so much so that this worldwide…

Lounge Worthy Unconventional Desk

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A desk typically dictates that there will be a couple of things in the mix. One of which being a flat surface on which to place your computer, materials and whatever other work that needs to get done. The other implied item when talking about desks is a chair because you’ve got to park it somewhere…

1930’s Rustic Spanish Colonial Home in Los Angeles

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Spanish architecture and art has a whimsical and completely chic quality about it when presented right, and perhaps it comes from being a Southern California native– but this home has got it all right. Transformed by Hsu McCullough Architects. Originally built in the 1930’s this home has got some great bones, but was renovated and updated…

Distressed Leather Bean Bag Chair For the Bachelor

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Masculine elements are some of the most fun and interesting pieces to incorporate into a home. Whether it’s a giant leather offering or a unique heavy metal object– even a pool table or game equipment can be a great touch to an otherwise bland room. A space without an identity can be enlivened with the simplest…

California Cat House Boasts Custom Tunnels & Paths

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There’s nothing quite like extreme type homes that really go all the way with a design concept. Some of our favorites just so happen to be those that are centered around pets, since they can demand extra special attention to make the most of their time indoors (this goes for cats especially). For one California resident,…

Contemporary Concrete Wave Residence

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It’s always nice to see a home that doesn’t boast your average entryway, or the typical ‘layout’ that’s seen 99% of the time. For this Chilean residence along the coastline, architect Raimundo Anguita created a concept that truly integrates the architecture with the land, and the whole home almost appears to be sunken into the ground….

A Persian Rug Bed For Your Dog

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Having a pet bed that flows with the design flavor and style of your home certainly helps the situation of having a place for them to call ‘home’ as well. If you’re into the eclectic and gorgeous prints that come from the East, consider adding one of these hand-hooked persian rug beds to your living room…

Tiny 200 Square Foot Tel-Aviv Workspace

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There’s nothing more enticing than seeing the inner-workings and well put together spaces of those who live in the confines of a tiny home. Architect and designer Raanan Stern has a knack for creating inventive and beautiful spaces that work well with little square footage, and this one is no different. Located in Tel-Aviv, this particular…