100 Square Foot Hut on a Hippie Commune

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Located in New Mexico, what was once a hippie commune and a yoga retreat center is now a ‘hermit hut’ in a little 100 square foot box. Costing about $11,000 in materials, the ‘Lama Foundation Hut’ is minimalist at its core– even with the beautiful design details including the wood clad interior. The hut is simple…

Contemporary Chicken House in Bangkok

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Thailand is known for having so many connections to nature, embracing the climate and surroundings. This particular home called the ‘Chicken House’ was created by Studio Krubka Co. and showcases plenty of exposed edges in its construction as well as a blend of raw materials. The multi-level home has an interesting structure to it, with a…

Cleopatra Seashell Inspired Bathtub Design

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In ancient times, the goddess Cleopatra was one who has been known to have a personal relationship with her bath and architects at Ippolito Fleitz Group have created something that is representative of that. Created for all women who want to bathe like ancient Egyptian royalty, the concept of the ‘Cleopatra’ tub has been designed with…

Recycled Timber Tree House Is Accessible by Wheelchair

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There’s no denying that treehouses are super cool. Even if you’re a kid or an adult in a wheelchair, you still would love to have the experience of being up in one for some period of time. 6a Architects of London designed a tree home space that is wheelchair accessible, or otherwise known as ‘ADA compliant’…

6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak

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Switzerland certainly has its perks, and one of them that trumps the list beyond any natural scenery and activities is the Zermatt Peak Chalet. Beyond boasting beautiful views, many guests will find themselves looking wide-eyed around the interior at all of the luxurious finishes and amazing settings. The space is vast and gorgeous, with a visual…

Industrial Rocker Chic Art Studio Home by 4M

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Melding multiple cultures, styles and life experiences into a single home for a couple can be a daunting task. But somehow, 4M Group figured out how to blend the distinct vision for a husband and wife into a luxe rock and roll meets ultra glam, industrial art studio and home with their standard residential couture approach….

Recycled 160 Square Foot Gypsy Style Wagon House

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Gypsies have a penchant for a specific look and feel to their overall style, and if you think of things that they are synonymous for (other than their colorful clothing), it would most likely be their caravan of wagons drifting from locale to locale. Located in British Columbia on the Kootenay Lake, this shingle covered wagon…

Cubel: Editable Modern Seating Designs

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As far as furniture is concerned, there’s no hard and fast rule for making a purchase. Buy what you like if you live on a whim, and purchase for practicality if you’re more concerned with being timeless and stretching your dollar over time. But there’s something to be said about investing in a piece that you…

Bay Village Green Roof Residence

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Robert Maschke Architects of Ohio have some contemporary gems up their sleeves, and this Bay Village residence titled ‘Brahler Residence’ is a stunning sight of green design and LEED inspired architecture. What was an existing cottage style home has been transformed into a contemporary work of art that features plenty of natural light and beautiful materials….

Geometric ‘Noa’ Garden House Design

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Creating a prefabricated structure is an interesting task on its own, but the beauty of it all is that you can go anywhere, build on any site and the overall space can be used for whatever one can dream up. The ‘Noa’ cabin is just that, and its outstanding architectural features are just the beginning of…