Whitepod Hotel in Swiss Alps, Switzerland

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Located in the Swiss Alps is the epitome of what many refer to as “glamping.” The term glamping derives from camping done in a glamorous way, and the Whitepod Hotel is exemplifies this perfectly. The Switzerland boutique hotel consists of 15 geodesic dome pods surrounding by nothing but snow and luscious green forest trees. The hotel…

Dumpster Swimming Pools by Macro Sea

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Sustainable and green design practices have become much more popular over the years as designers and architects alike find ways to create wonderful masterpieces while preserving the environment. One of the most common sustainable practices is giving something old and used a new life, and that is exactly the case here with this incredible dumpster pool….

Hover House 3 by Glen Irani Architects

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Sustainability and minimizing the carbon footprint are challenges that architects today choose to take on. One firm that has taken it on times three, with multiple series of homes so far is Glen Irani Architects who believe in maximizing the outdoor space to minimize the carbon footprint of single family homes. The Hover House 3 definitely…

East Village ‘Helical Slide’ Penthouse in New York City

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It’s no secret that slides have become a popular item for residences these days. We have encountered slides in both residences and business spaces over the last few weeks alone, and Turett Collaborative Architects are the first to showcase a slide equipped penthouse. Located in a newly constructed multi-residential development in the East Village of New…

Crane Suspended Dining With A View by Dinner In the Sky

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Dinner In The Sky takes dining with a view to a whole new level. Just as the name suggests, Dinner In The Sky is a structure suspended 50 meters over the ground. The steel constructed structure is strong enough to support you along with 21 of your closest friends, the chef, and even waiters to serve…

Bizarre Climbing Wall in Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Center by Nendo

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Rock climbing has evolved over the years, and heavily pushed its way into the mainstream fitness scene as a way for both “average joes” and avid climbers to get a great workout. We have witnessed a lot of incredible climbing walls, including the world’s tallest climbing wall, but nothing like this before. Offering a change of…

Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini

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Using a clever eye track called anamorphosis, Swiss artist Felice Varini put together some of the most incredible illusions of art. Varini has been creating optical illusions throughout the artist’s 30 plus year career, several of which revolved around anamorphic illusions. Anamorphosis is essentially complete shapes that can only be seen in their entirety when looked…

Glass Balcony Pools at Aquaria Grande Residential Tower in Mumbai, India

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The beautiful Aquaria Grande residential towers, currently undergoing construction, will be equipped with one of the most stunning architectural feats when the project is completed, transforming standard balconies into swimming pools. The residential location consists of two 37 story towers located in Mumbai, India. The Aquaria Grande Tower was designed by Wadhwa Group, and will feature…

The Sleek ‘Mira Hotel’ in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s skyline is home to some of the most beautiful building in the world. Modern and contemporary design flows all throughout the city, and a perfect example of this can be seen with the alluring Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. The Mira Hotel is contemporary design at its finest, and blends all sorts of shapes…

LED Illuminated Floating Staircase by Re Form The Norm

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The staircase can often times become an overlooked aspect of a residence. There are times however when the staircase can become the focal point of a house. Such was the case with this beautifully designed contemporary floating staircase. This staircase makes incredible use of the small space that was designated to it. Constructed from birch ply…