Exquisite Color Composition In A New York Getaway

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There’s something to be said about a home that really works with bold colors and combines them with no fear at all. Owners of Fab.com have their very own fab little spot in Orange County, New York that is beaming not only with sophistication but color, too. Almost like your own taste of the rainbow, the…

eBay Istanbul Office by OSO Mimarlik

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Commercial design can seem so daunting when you look at an overall project, but with this most recent office for eBay in Istanbul, designer OSO Mimarlik likely spent more time planning the materials and finishes than the open office layouts. Overall this space is a visually stimulating work of art that incorporates various languages, colors and…

Deconstructed COMME des GARÇONS Warsaw Store

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European fashion label COMME des GARÇONS has been a hit internationally, and they’ve made their own moves in the market– including the guerilla store in Warsaw, Poland. Though most boutiques of a high end label are prim, proper and quick to dust the shelves and tidy the display windows; this place looks like a group of…

Noah’s Ark Inspired Hanging Cradle by VanJoost

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Babies tend to live the easy life, and if you’re a parent or parent-to-be; we know you’ve scoured everywhere to find just the right piece of furniture to keep your bundle of joy safe through the night. If suspended, differently shaped items are your forté– design company VanJoost has got the “NOAH” Cradle that might be…

Barbie’s Shanghai Flagship Retail Store by Slade Architecture

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Where do we even begin with Barbie? Slade Architecture surely knew when they were chosen to design the flagship store for the iconic femme figure in Shanghai, China. With a 35,000 square foot footprint, Mattel’s relationship with Slade Architecture grew to involve the full service exterior, interior, fixtures, and furnishings of the space. The various floors…

Curved Hus-1 by Torsten Ottesjö Architecture

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If you thought your small studio space was too small– think again. This 269 square foot home on the Scandinavian west coast is not only a bit of a tight fit; but it certainly doesn’t fit the mold for your average home. Torsten Ottesjö Architecture put together this free-standing structure reflects the nature that surrounds it…

Star Floor Pools by Fiberstars Pool and Spa

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For some, a home is not a home unless you’ve got an amazing pool to party in. For those whose sole dedication to their home is about the backyard, Fiberstars Pool and Spa has a subtle yet gorgeous way to light up the pool and create an interesting visual for those night time soirees. A series…

FIDM San Diego by Clive Wilkinson Architects

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Art and Design schools tend to be very plain and modern, or over the top outrageous and exciting. While they both have the same thought of promoting creativity (one by not interfering and influencing, and the other by providing ultimate stimulation); The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Diego, California has a design that…

The Whole World In Your Hands: Tiny Home Sculptures

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These homes may not be a standard dream home by the standards of moving in– but the following miniature models are dream homes in a whimsical sense. With lush green surroundings and a safe harbor in a pair of sculpted hands, these places are beautiful inspiration for the home improvement guru. Katie Hudson‘s Dislocation art series…

15 Crisp All White Wonderland Spaces

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People with pets, children, and careless significant others will tell you to stay away from the color white, where others might beg to differ. While white is a sensitive color that just about any dirt, grease or food stain will show up on– there is also the option for being able to bleach your whites, too….