Simply Raw 1820s Manor Home Floats Over a Creek

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Though New York is typically synonymous with the concrete jungle that it is, we love to see the more suburban side of this state. Tom Givone took this manor/farmhouse rebuild and extended the porch to float just over the edge of a perfect little creek. Originally built out in the 1800s, the history of this residence…

Modular Suburbia Wall Storage by Seletti

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Having all of your tools, keys, pens, notes, miscellaneous little tchotchkes and more in one place really helps to create a sense of calm throughout a home– and Seletti has created a gorgeous piece of wall hung ‘furniture’ that helps keep everything together in a modular and stylish looking manner. Available in white and a natural…

Small Parc Royale Home in Hong Kong

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Finding any kind of square footage in a city as large as Hong Kong is an accomplishment in itself, and this particular space even has plenty of natural light as well. In Hims Design put together a space that includes plenty of storage, contemporary elements and even a little outdoor area overlooking city life and greenery….

Modern Diamond House Design

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Formwerkz Architects typically create homes with a modern aesthetic and a charming appeal, and this home is no exception. Their ‘Diamond House’ showcases a unique shape and multiple facets in a dark color palette. Iron wood and reflective glass make up the fun of finishes on the outside, while the inside showcases rich wood tones and…

Skull Chair Complete With a Brain

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Vladi Rapaport has a real vision for creating surreal and interesting concepts for furniture. His two furniture pieces that go together unlike any others are the Skull Chair and Brain, both crafted in 2008. The design isn’t like any that you’d go and pick out at Ikea, but they are both artful pieces that pack a…

Floral Covered Secret Garden Restaurant

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Whenever there’s the option to have dinner in a secret garden, don’t you think that you would take that opportunity? Mas Provencal in Nice, France is a sweet little spot that doesn’t look like much on the exterior, but is wondrous on the interior. This upscale dining experience includes hanging grapes, cherry tomatoes and fresh plants…

Sweet Little Austrian Vacation Spot on Stilts

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There aren’t too many vacation spots that can be as environmentally conscious as this one. In Austria is this tiny residence titled ‘House Ufogel‘ that showcases a unique design and sits on stilts and is situated to appear as if it is laying on its side. The peak where the roof would typically be is almost…

Scribble Furniture Design From Hand Sketches

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There’s something so raw and real about sketching out your ideas from inception in your brain and letting the creativity flow out onto paper. For artist Jin il Park, things were taken one step further when actual furniture was made out of line drawings that began as 2 dimensional figures on a sketch pad. The ‘Drawing…

Singapore Open Air Rattan House

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Guz Architects are responsible for creating some of our favorite contemporary homes around. When you involve their innate sense of outdoors, contemporary style and thoughtfulness to detailed design– you can truly appreciate all of the projects in their portfolio. The ‘Rattan House’ is one that we love for its open and airy vibes, as well as…

8 by 20 Foot Tiny Project Home Creation

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Located in Sebastopol of Sonoma County, California, a designer created his own home on wheels. This tiny home was created one of the smallest homes with the best uses of space we’ve seen. Alek Lisefski built his ‘tiny project‘ piece by piece over the course of a year. The interior features plenty of space saving designs,…