Bold Inside Out Furniture Pieces by Polart

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Furniture tends make the majority of statements within a home, and if you’re the type of person who likes to live with minimal tchotchkes and additional items– furniture can make or break your space. If looking to have a daring design created from furniture, Polart probably has the pieces you are looking for. The Inside Out…

Singapore’s Supertree Grove Is A Contemporary Vertical Garden

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Singapore is home to exquisite architecture that incorporates greenery everywhere you look. With the popularity of vertical gardens being an increasing trend in the design community and in public spaces, the Southeast Asian country has quickly incorporated greenery into many of their beautiful designs. The Supertree Grove in the recently redeveloped Marina Bay area is open…

Breathtaking Brazilian All Saints Chapel

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Architect Gustavo Penna and his GPA & A firm worked harmoniously to create one of the most beautiful chapel’s we’ve seen with an obviously clear cut message. Though it’s relatively small compared to some chapel’s that are out there, this 1,700 square foot space is all about the design. While other buildings might have a floor…

10 Mind Boggling Surreal Interiors

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Surrealism used to only exist in the minds and on the canvases of painterly artists. But as art has evolved and interior design has become an art form of its own, the two have merged in some cases to reveal amazingly surreal styled rooms. Whether it is a restaurant, cafĂ©, bedroom or any other space filled…

Brazilian Osler House by MK27 Architects

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As if Brazilian Architecture Studio MK27‘s style wasn’t recognizable enough, this classic home is another beauty from the South American company. Located at one of Paranoa Lake’s estuaries, this classically cool home is one to acknowledge. Created from two rectangular portions, Osler House makes a big visual impact from its floating juxtapositions. With a cantilevered upper…

Fantasy Floorplans Created From Your Favorite TV Shows

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For all that are interested in architecture and design, you can’t help but to notice the space planning and room allocation of your favorite shows. Whether you’re tuning in to the hot new shows like “Dexter” and “Mad Men” or classics such as “Bewitched” or even movies like “Rocky”– their home lives are on display. So…

Movable ‘DROP’ eco-hotel by In-Tenta

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Completely mobile pods have been a popular concept for quite some time now. With eco-friendly options for hoteling and other built structures becoming more of the norm, it only makes sense that movable ‘rooms’ would be a popular choice to keep impact on undeveloped lands relatively low. The DROP eco-hotel has been developed by the Barcelona…

La Jolla’s Prospect House by Jonathan Segal Architecture

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La Jolla, or “The Jewel,” is one of San Diego’s prime beach locations and most upscale residential areas of the Southern California lifestyle. Pair the location with one of San Diego’s most renowned architects, Jonathan Segal, and you’ve got a contemporary masterpiece waiting to be oogled. The Prospect House is conveniently located on Prospect Street in…

Happy Thanksgiving

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“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as we celebrate this Thanksgiving Holiday, and take the long weekend to share with our friends and families. See you back on Monday with more great design!

Eclectic Multi-Million Dollar New York Apartment

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The trendy Greenwich street in the Tribeca area of New York isn’t quite on the Manhattan level of penthouse prices, but the area is full of its artsy quirks and fun friendly design. This particular apartment is only two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms– but it spans an entire floor and is chock-full of…