Slinky Springs To Fame Bridge in Oberhausen, Germany

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Artist Tobias Rehberger is the creative behind Oberhausen, Germany’s “Slinky Springs To Fame” bridge. After an intense collaboration with structural designers of Schlaich Bergermann and Partner, the 496 coil bridge came to fruition. High strength steel was utilized to spane the Rhine Canal, and there was great care taken into account for the color choices of…

Colorfully Tinted ‘Casa Las Hormigas’ Residence in Spain

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Color is a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it be with the color painted on the walls, accented furniture or art pieces throughout, color is almost always welcome as a form of expression. When color is translated to the exterior, it can be an exciting and expressive way to live, like this home in Spain….

Multi-Million Dollar Bachelor Pad in Beverly Hills

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Most metropolitan areas aren’t complete without a large handful of sleek and contemporary bachelor pads, and Los Angeles might be home to some of the biggest and best. Located in Beverly Hills, California, this $7 Million dollar abode is an expansive piece of architecture outfitted with amazing finishes and appliances. Sitting at 5,868 square feet this…

Acoustic Guitar Dollhouse by Fairy Meadow Miniatures

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Dollhomes come in all colors, shapes, sizes and configurations– so why just stop at your traditional “home.” Well, Fairy Meadow Miniatures of Australia is thinking outside the box with the latest inspiring guitar made dollhouse. Crafted out of an acoustic guitar, this nifty home is a two story place featuring a workspace with a kitchenette style…

Simply Constructed House of Would in Pedrezuela

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Simple homes can be some of the more stunning pieces of architecture, and the Spanish firm Elii proves that with their “House of Would” in Pedrezuela, Madrid, Spain. Planks fill up the line of vision with delicately laid angles, unfinished wood pieces and colorful turquoise accents. The home appears almost as a sculpture, with the lower…

On Space Time Foam Installation by Architect Tomás Saraceno

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International architect Tomás Saraceno has been an influential and innovative part in the creation of the “On Space Time Foam” art installation. Now located in the HangarBicocca in Milan, and set to continue on at MIT as an integral part of Saraceno’s residence there. The installation is essentially a floating structure that is composed of three…

The Intricately Bold Interior of Designer Abigail Ahern

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If you know the name Abigail Ahern, then you are familiar with her quirky and whimsical style that is equal parts eclectic and chic. When it comes to style and design, you’ve got to at least be asking yourself what her very own space looks like, right? Well, now you can take a peek into the…

1 Story Frenay Villa by 70F Architecture

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The imagery that comes to mind when the word “villa” is expressed might not be the same for everyone, and for the Frenay family in The Netherlands it means a light and airy space with clean lines. 70F Architecture planned the home within the lush green landscape, and kept to the general program created by the…

LED Lit Ice Slides At The Harbin Ice Festival in China

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Though it is only in town for one month, the Harbin Ice Festival is a great vacation destination for those looking to venture onto the cooler side of travel. Located in China is a castle crafted of ice with multiple slides attached, among other amazing ice sculptures. Created for public use, this set of intricate slides…

Architecture Across The Globe: Hawkesbury Residence

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It’s always a beautiful thing when art, architecture and the likes transcend their nearby regions and make it across the globe. This New Zealand home was designed by Los Angeles Architect, Marmol Radziner and the end result is a stunning blend of California Chic brought to the natural rawness of NZ. Each interior space takes advantage…