Palatial Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel in Dubai

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Located in Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates, the amazing Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel is another one of the country’s rich experiences just within your accommodations. Just like everything else in Dubai, this hotel is an expressive, luxurious estate featuring everything you need to vacation proper. The hotel is comprised of 363 gorgeous guest rooms and 41…

Small Prefabricated ‘Bunkie’ by 608 Design Studio

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Prefab structures just get better and better. The amazing thing about a prefabricated home or room is that you can customize it the way you want it, before it even hits your property. Evan Bare from 608 Design Studio in Canada has come up with an astoundingly beautiful addition to your garden. The Bunkie is a…

CatCase Bookshelf Houses Cats and Books

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As if it weren’t enough to have a bookcase that holds enough books, you’ve got to have space for kitty to play, too. If you own a cat, you know that it’s practically impossible to keep them away from anything that they can (or can’t) jump up on top of, lay on or hide in. Enter…

Chatou: A Discreet Teenage Hideaway, France

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Kids always have a fascination with getting out and away from the main house every now and again. Especially if we’re talking teenagers. One family decided to prepare for that step early on with their “Chatou.” Designed with their son in mind, this multi-level hideout is a great space in the garden that is discreetly tucked…

$5 Million Glacier Village Swiss Chalets

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If there’s any room in the budget for a Swiss vacation home, this is the ultimate lap of luxury. In the range of $5 to 6 million, you can have your very own little piece of Grindelwald’s “Glacier Village.” Though Bergwelt Development is still constructing and is expected to have this village completed by December of…

Refurbished Bus Turned Into A Home Office

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Buses are a normal part of public transportation in most cities, but they don’t last forever. So when that final time comes, they likely never get used again. That is, unless you are willing to get creative. This old Ikarus bus found a new life (partially) after a man in Hungary took half of the front…

Gorgeous Rotunda Backyard Studio

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If being square just isn’t your thing, Rotunda Living based out of the UK has got something a little softer. Their yurt inspired studios and guest “houses” are the perfect addition to any property. Featuring actual structural components and remaining true to an organic shape. These garden spaces feature a round skylight, recycled roofing, stainless steel…

Rome Residence by Fung + Blatt Architecture

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Los Angeles is known for the trendy, hipster spots, fashion forward people and plenty of contemporary homes. This hip and mid-century modern inspired home is located in L.A. and has a ton of understated style to go along with it. Designed by the ever-cool Fung + Blatt Architecture, the “Rome Residence” is a simple, hillside dwelling…

Walnut Wall Mounted Pill Vials Turn Vitamins into Art

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If there’s one thing that is a hassle for most people, it’s remembering to take your pills. Whether or not you’ve got medications to take at a certain time or if you’ve got essential minerals and vitamins on your agenda– the Padauk Blood Vials Pill organizer can be turned into a pretty display for each week….

Island Getaway Home by DAR612 Architects

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Nestled into an island on the Adriatic is the perfect Summer getaway house. Designed by DAR612, this simple stone facade home features an elliptical floor plan and courtyard. Among the overall design elements is a whole slew of space and integrated elements. The outdoor spaces are really tied in to the indoor areas– with sleeping quarters…