Ontario Lake Muskoka Boathouse by Altius Architecture

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Altius Architecture’s typical homes revolve around the site in which they are built, and that premise is no different with this Ontario Lake Muskoka home. It’s program is loosely defined on the Ontario tradition of “cottaging,” and with water on a majority of the sides of the home– the views are endless. Though the bones of…

Open and Lofty Garden House by David Guerra

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A home that’s got a whole lot of character can sometimes be the one that’s been around for awhile. Take this 80s built residence that was transformed in Brazil by David Guerra, for example. The initial structure provided the great bones for the space that allowed much of the detailed woodwork and open space to happen….

Play With Your Food: Baguette Tables by Studio Rygalik

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There’s a time and a place for everything, and while playing with your food isn’t exactly appropriate in most scenarios; Studio Rygalik found a way to make food finagling cool. By collecting stale baguettes and fashioning them together in the form of a table, playing with your food is now ok if it means adjusting your…

The Ark Floating Housing by Alexander Remizov

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Disaster relief is never really an exciting topic of choice to discuss, but with global warming a very real issue at hand– there are people and architects out there thinking about the future. For those thinking of extreme climate changes and environmental conditions, the Ark may be a great solution. Created as a building that has…

Bahrain Beach Villa by Lo Studio

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Italian Interior Designers Letizia Mammini and Valeria Candido of Lo Studio came together to create a wondrous escape along the beachfront of Bahrain. With the water just steps beyond the home, the views are essential to the design– and the floor to ceiling windows are the perfect touch to this residence. Materials and finishes are simple,…

Seoul, Korea Simone Handbag Museum Shaped Like A Purse

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Handbags are some of the most fashion forward statements and staples that are worn worldwide, and there’s a museum in South Korea to honor the timelessness of a great handbag dating back to the 16th century. While styles come and go, this “Simone Handbag Museum” space is a timeless showcase that is so committed– it is…

10 Simple Ways To Go Green in Your Home

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Going green may seem like a daunting task for many. But in all actuality, there are so many small and simple tasks that can be done that will make a majority of the difference. Whether the inspiration is to watch your electricity or water bills disappear, or to do your part for the environment– going green…

Seasonal Ontario Cabin by Altius Architecture

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Altius Architecture designed this gorgeous seasonal Bala Park Island home, and with the site in mind, created it up against a granite ridge all the while keeping things sustainable and true to their distinct style. The residence is a comfortable 2,200 square feet, and at this medium sized square footage the architect’s focus was to keep…

Geometric Neighborhood XVII Family Home

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Geometry is a powerful part of any architecture, especially where contemporary lines are concerned. While many residences go for a more linear streamlined look, and few go for an organic shape– there are a select handful that opt for a bold, angular statement. This home located in Israel is a great example of beautiful geometry in…

Luxury Treehouse Hideaway For 2 In Kent, England

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Treehouses are a great way to add on to your current home, and even better if you want to find a way to get the kids out of the house. But what if you want to escape for awhile? This treehouse hideaway in Whitstable Cantebury, Kent is a unique experiential escape that you can book your…