Cardborigami Portable Housing Solution

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Temporary housing doesn’t always mean that camping is involved. While it’s not out of the question, Cardborigami is an innovative structure that caters to camping and beyond. Hovespian created this piece in mind with being able to provide the homeless with a “roof” of their own. Created mainly to target those who are homeless as well…

8 Spaces To Prepare For The Winter to Spring Transition

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Spring is approaching quickly, and while most of us are still in colder climates– the fresh season will be here before we know it. Some homes change out their decor depending on the holiday, and others don’t change at all. But when there are major seasonal weather changes, cozy flannel blankets, fuzzy pillows and faux fur…

Sleek Bachelor Style Interior by WCH Interior

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Contemporary interiors come in all shapes and forms. From the elaborate to the extremely simple, there’s always a middle ground that appreciators of the style can agree on. We would like to think that this interior by WCH is a great blend of simple and elaborate with interesting details throughout. Located in Taiwan, the modest apartment…

Penthouse At The Metropole by FORMA Design

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Washington, DC, is a bustling art area, and with that comes the expansion of more design minded individuals purchasing homes in the area. Located in Logan Circle is this stunning two-story Penthouse renovation by FORMA at The Metropole building that overlooks the busy city streets. The interior of this space is a calming blend of whites…

The Stooler Seat Creator by Utoopic

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It can be difficult to find the perfect piece of furniture at times. Seating can be a tricky task, especially for those with specific tastes, certain body types and budgets. While a side or coffee table that can be handmade, Andreu Carulla came up with an interesting concept for converting any old object into a functional…

Contemporary Austrian “Villa S” With An Open Plan

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Austria’s interesting architectural landscape varies upon the area, but this villa rendering and architectural piece is a great representation of not only the space but the country’s talents. Beluga Toechter is the design mind behind this residence that shapes an ultimate contemporary home, complete with a spiral staircase. Open space in the kitchen makes up for…

5 Quick Tips For Incorporating Complementary Colors In Your Home

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Color can be a difficult thing to incorporate into the home, especially for those who are a little less bold with color choices. Those who get sick of color easily, or maybe the bachelor who needs something other than black leather or red and white in his home. While there’s no real rule when dealing with…

Vertical Garden Living House in Portugal

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Incorporating greenery in the architecture and ultimate design of your home is a huge commitment, and its overall advantages are worth it in the long run. The exterior facade of this home is covered in lush greens, only to be broken up by entrances and horizontally placed windows. Not only is it beautiful from a visual…

SleepBox: Seamless Urban Furniture With a Dual Purpose

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Furniture in public spaces isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Nothing is ever personal or truly functional for the purpose it is trying to serve. With public spaces such as airports, offices, etc. not really having individualized seating that caters to a multitude of functions; Caspar Lohner came up with the concept of SleepBox….

Bright, Artful Mid Century Modern Home

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California living is all over the board as far as style is concerned, and the interior of this mid-century modern style home in Orange County, CA is no exception. A big splash of personality is made with the bright and abstract art pieces throughout the entry and public spaces. This residence has a great mixture of…