Eclectic 430 Square Foot Space in Italy

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Italy is host to tons of great design, and there’s no denying that this wonderful residence showcases a mixture of great style. Designed by UdA, the apartment is a mere 430 square feet– but what it lacks in space it makes up for with the detailed designs throughout the home. Located in Turin, Italy, this space…

Tiny Chilean Cabin in the Woods

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Escaping to the great outdoors can mean so many things. One of them being a wonderful cabin retreat that is tiny enough to be hidden, and large enough to accommodate a stay for as long as need be. This beautiful little space by MC2 Architecture is a wonderful addition to the woods of Chile and sits…

Dreamy Upholstered Daybed by Stefanie Schissler

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Daybeds are somewhat of a luxury in this day and age. When we have furniture pieces that double and even triple as other objects, it can be hard to just have a seat or space that’s dedicated to lounging. Because who really has room for a sofa, coffee table and an extra daybed? Stefanie Schissler has…

Contemporary Venice Beach Home Design by Modal

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California beach homes don’t all have a cookie cutter flow to them. Especially in the Los Angeles/Venice Beach areas, where homes can go completely contemporary to Spanish, to cottage style all within a block. The uniqueness of this beach home was created by Modal Design of California with a flair for the unusual. A sensibility for…

Upcycled Double Decker Bus Hotel

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Mobile dwellings have really had an upswing in popularity in the past year or two, and this particular upcycled double decker bus performs as a mobile hotel space. It took British carpenter Adam Collier-Woods six months to take an old and ordinary double decker bus and transform it into the roaming hotel that it is today….

New Home Inserted into a 1930′s Church

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Churches that are no longer holding services typically become old and abandoned, and this 1930s building ran as a Rotterdam church until the 60s. After the church was shut down, there was no one to inhabit the space until a couple came along to purchase and convert it into a home of their own for their…

Minimalist Minimod Prefab House

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Prefabricated home structures are a great way to add a home to any plot of land. The Minimod home is a beautiful little box that goes together flawlessly, is modular and mobile and produces no waste through its construction. With this sustainable approach, the Minimod is a great option for first time homeowners, those with large…

Tiny Modern Madrid Loft by Elii

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Elii Architecture of Spain showcases their contemporary, out of the box ways of thinking via their architectural projects such as ‘Didomestic.’ In this teeny tiny little loft space, Elii has thought of everything, including having mirrors under floor boards and more. The walls are fairly bare, aside from the built ins and pulley systems along the…

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House

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RA Architecture has taken a contemporary home concept and integrated it into nature successfully in Portugal. With all of the gorgeous trees and untouched landscape, the homes that have unfolded on this plot appear like stylized snakes slithering through the grounds. With the idea to recreate the whimsy and great past time of tree houses, Luís…

Grand Acanthus Rattan Bench

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Scale is a great factor when planning for and placing furniture into a home. When a grand entry, master suite or large dining room calls for an extra special piece of seating– certainly keep this beautiful oversized bench by Dolcefarniente in mind. Called ‘Ethuil,’ this bench is like a normal straight seater with a headboard attached….