Flying Carpet Rug Collection by Nanimarquina

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Rethinking the floor and creating various planes in which to lounge is a concept that isn’t seen enough unless we are talking sunken living rooms or the like. Barcelona, Spain based brand Nanimarquina creates interesting, quality rugs that take shape within the space. One of their great collections happens to be the “Flying Carpet” which brings…

20 Great Gallery Wall Ideas For Your Bare Walls

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Bare walls can sometimes seem like the plague as far as your home is concerned. While most are quick to paint the walls and get real creative with color, moldings, and even wallpaper– consider creating a gallery wall. Gallery walls are a great alternative, especially for renters. Fill up your walls to your heart’s desire, include…

Upcycling Plastic Soda Bottles As An Urban Garden

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Going green is of course a huge trend and big lifestyle change for many, and there are so many ways to get involved. While some include changing out entire aspects of your home– such as appliances and windows, there are other ways that are less expensive and make for really interesting visual design elements as well….

Confusing Boundaries With Shadowboxx House by Olson Kundig

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Tucked in along the water’s edge of Washington’s San Juan Islands is the Shadowboxx residence by Olson Kundig Architects. While it looks like a dark and moody space from the outside looking in, don’t be fooled. The interior is a warm space with an area where the roof opens up to expose the interior to the…

Lumio Book Light by Max Gunawan

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Lighting can often be an afterthought in a home design, and the Lumio light is created for those who might be on the go, or just in need of some mood lighting for the occasion. Designed by Industrial Designer Max Gunawan, the light is disguised as a book and opens up to reveal a nicely lit…

Simple Spiral Introverted House by XPIRAL

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In a landscape that is less than enthralling, the “Introverted House” by XPIRAL is a great switch up from the norm in this Murcia, Spain neighborhood. Following an organic curve of its own, the home creates its own visual interest in a private courtyard that the home wraps around. Concrete, steel and wood are the main…

8 Quirky Creative Bookends With A Theme

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While libraries might be a thing of the past for the new generation, there are plenty of us out here still that love our tangible books. The digital age might have given us a whole new way to read and enjoy multiple books without carrying a plethora of paperbacks at all times– but who said that…

Sweeping Steel Southern House by Fergus Scott

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Titled “The Southern House” and known as “Brow of The Hill” (slightly resembling an eyebrow) this Australian home is truly breathtaking. No matter what you call it, Fergus Scott Architecture hit the nail on the head with this curved metal built structure that incorporates insane views of the Aussie coast. The upward slanted roof gives this…

Guerilla “Street Furniture” by Oliver Show in Hamburg

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Public seating and furniture for the masses isn’t typically anything exciting or super stylish. Innovator and designer Oliver Show came up with an interesting idea that’s simple and offers some bold presence in the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Titled “Street Furniture,” the solution for a lack of urban seating was solved. Bright yellow, low cost, squishy…

Cubist Inspired Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architects

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The Netherlands offers some of the best unobstructed views available. With their constant desire to allow more natural light into their spaces via large, expansive windows it’s not hard to create beautiful homes. Hans van Heeswijk Architects is behind the gorgeous Rieteiland House that features panoramic views and an amazing glazed facade. The side of the…