‘Cradle’ Adult Rocking Chair Concept

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Sometimes all we need is a refuge of our own, much like babies and their cradles or cribs. Well, designer Richard Clarkson and his collaborators have come up with the “Cradle”– and adult version of the smaller counterpart. With much of the concept backed by research of Autism and Rhythmic Movement Disorder, this beautiful piece strives…

Product Guide: 10 Fruit Tools To Keep Your Kitchen Updated

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good sign that Spring is in full swing, and there are always tools to make carving, peeling, cutting and juicing your favorites more easily. With Summer around the corner and Spring in full effect, these essential tools will have you prepared for seasons to come. Check out our 10…

‘Rio Bonito’ Stone Wall Brazilian Home by Carla Juacaba

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The mere thought of Brazil brings about implications of breezy homes filled with sheer linen draperies, lots of glass and rustic materials. Located in the Three Peaks Nature Preserve, the Rio Bonito getaway residence by Carla Juacaba sits just along the river. The main basis of the home are two meter thick stone walls that sit…

SITGREEN Compressed Cardboard and Wood Furniture

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The SITGREEN cardboard furniture collection featured on Kickstarter boasts its 100% environmentally friendly mantra with creating furniture through compression. With 9 million tons of furniture being tossed into our landfills every year, SITGREEN’s goal is to minimize that number by utilizing recycled cardboard and wood cuts to create stylish, modern furniture. The exciting part of this…

Historic 1880′s Melbourne Warehouse Conversion

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Historic buildings are so full of architectural riches, textural gems and much more. While not all buildings from the late 1800s are able to be converted with much of their amazing history in tact, this warehouse conversion in Melbourne feels light and open despite its heavy materials. The interior is draped in brick arched walls with…

Metal Sheet 3+ Modular Furniture Collection

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With all of the options and creativity at our fingertips today, contemporary consumers are starting to lean toward a more modular furniture style. The versatility in configuration and ability to change things up on a whim are all positives, and now there’s another product on the market that allows you to build any piece of furniture…

25 Inventive Map Ideas For Covering Your Walls

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Most of us have had the problem of a giant empty wall staring back at us at some point in our lives. If you’re the kind of homeowner or renter who just can’t stand the sight or mere thought of a blank wall, we’ve got a great solution for covering up a large surface area with…

Singapore’s Longhouse at Dalvey Estate by Aamer Architects

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Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that doubles as a gorgeous work of art? With the amazing composition of this home and all of its detailed facets, it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with this Aamer Architects built home. The Dalvey Estate is a great fusion of native island touches…

Tiny Garage Converted To A 250 Square Foot Home

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Michelle de la Vega took it upon herself to make an old and neglected garage into a home of her own. It’s not a very large garage, but the 250 square feet that she’s made her own is truly a work of art. There’s not a whole lot to it, but it’s cozy, creative and personalized….

Folding Arara Nômade Closet For The Modern Nomad

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In any small space, and even for the well-seasoned traveler; closet space and hanging garments can be an issue. When thinking of studio living or looking for a bit of additional storage and display, consider something that’s got some flair to it. Designers André Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben created this piece that’s able to be completely…