Canterbury House Features Pool With An Island

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Uniquely designed pools are always captivating. When it’s something aside from the standard in-ground, cement pool; there’s an interesting quality and attention grabbing designs are always first to get noticed. Canny Architects planned this moat sized pool around an elevated deck for the ultimate in relaxation. The Australian home features more of a courtyard vibe than…

How To: Turn An Old Closet Into A Functional Workspace

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While closets serve their purposes in so many ways, and so many of us wish we had either an extra closet or additional space within our current closets– there are definitely some exceptions where a closet can be repurposed. A closet where supplies and crafts are already stored may be difficult to access might be better…

250 Square Foot Lego-Style Barcelona Apartment

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Christian Schallert has a great sense of taste and knows what he wants when it comes to a space. Living in Barcelona is not an easy feat all the time when your space is under 300 square feet and 100 steps up to the front door. This micro space has garnered a lot of attention with…

Multipurpose Bookshelf by Extendo

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Multi-use furniture is something that we seek out regularly, for our readers that have smaller spaces to fill with their special treasures. Extendo has some fantastic products for situations where vertical space might be your best hope, and their numbered series shelving is perfect for limited spaces in urban areas. The main goal for this Italian…

Sculptural Sagaponack House by Bates Masi Architecture

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It’s not often that you find a spacious New York home on a large plot of land with a wide open ocean view, but the Sagaponack Home in NY offers all of that and more when it comes to the contemporary dwelling. Bates Masi Architecture was the creative mind behind this residence, and their approach was…

‘Faro’ Portable Fireplaces Bringing People Together

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The hearth was once the heart of the home for many families, and with technology expanding at the rapid rate it is today– people have begun to lose connectivity. Straying more and more from face to face time with family and friends, people are opting for text messages and social media as a form of communication….

Design Inspiration: 15 Creative Uses of Lucite Furniture

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Furniture just so happens to take up a great majority of space in a room, and if you’re in a small space that can be pretty detrimental. Heavy tables, chairs, rugs and other items can block off the impending square footage unnecessarily, while there are alternatives out there that could really be great space savers– visually…

Melbourne HOUSE House by Andrew Maynard

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Home additions are a great way to sustain current homes and re-adapt them into something that is again built to suit a family’s needs beyond what was previously possible. Andrew Maynard added onto two Australian row homes that needed some TLC, and some additional space. The most notable part? A reclaimed timber extension that comes up…

Stark Concrete Wallpaper Design For a Minimalist Home

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Minimalist homes can be appointed with more than just the bare minimum of a chair and a lamp, for example. When designing for the bare bones look, you can still incorporate design items such as wallpaper without regaining too much clutter. And if the idea of crazy patterns or bold Dia de Los Muertos printed papers…

Stunning Le Meridien Cairo Hotel Overlooks Giza’s Ancient Pyramids

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Traveling to visit the ancient wonders of the world might be a thing of the past for some, but even with so much turmoil throughout the world, there are still some amazing hotels and spas to turn to. Starwood’s Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel offers an unparalleled view of the ancient Pyramids at Giza while providing gorgeous…