Colorful Concrete Brazilian ‘Ad House’ Design

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There’s something so fresh and gorgeous about the designs that come from the brain of Guilherme Torres. Located in Brazil, this designer has a penchant for the life and excitement that comes from each and every color– and knows how to use it, too. The ‘Ad House’ is one in which the walls are pretty much…

Small Studio Apartment Divided with Plastic Crates

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If you’re living in an expensive metropolis where space comes at a premium, or you live alone where walls may not be necessary all of the time– a space that’s divided can still be achieved without extra walls and doors. For this particular single room apartment in São Paulo, it was a solution as simple as…

6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak

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Switzerland certainly has its perks, and one of them that trumps the list beyond any natural scenery and activities is the Zermatt Peak Chalet. Beyond boasting beautiful views, many guests will find themselves looking wide-eyed around the interior at all of the luxurious finishes and amazing settings. The space is vast and gorgeous, with a visual…

Bay Village Green Roof Residence

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Robert Maschke Architects of Ohio have some contemporary gems up their sleeves, and this Bay Village residence titled ‘Brahler Residence’ is a stunning sight of green design and LEED inspired architecture. What was an existing cottage style home has been transformed into a contemporary work of art that features plenty of natural light and beautiful materials….

Raw Industrial Barcelona Apartment

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Barasona Designed this beautifully small apartment in Barcelona, Spain. With only 860 square feet to work with, the open floor plan is beautifully integrated with all rooms in one. The flat was first renovated in 2007 to incorporate the rustic and almost dilapidated feel to the space. Perhaps the main focal point of this flat is…

1930′s ‘Carte Blanche’ Space is Sprinkled with Color

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A small and growing family in Bordeaux, France and their beautiful residence has a seemingly Swedish appeal to it. Originating as an old jukebox/pinball repair shop in the 1930′s, this home has had some new life breathed into it with a fresh coat of white paint and some splashes of color that just wrangles us in….

Shadow Desert House in All Black

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An all black house is a relatively rare occurrence as it is, but this residence in the desert makes the dark painted facade look all the more enticing. Located in the California desert of Yucca Valley at the peak of a hill, there is hardly anything around this lone home. The site was excavated and planned…

California Cat House Boasts Custom Tunnels & Paths

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There’s nothing quite like extreme type homes that really go all the way with a design concept. Some of our favorites just so happen to be those that are centered around pets, since they can demand extra special attention to make the most of their time indoors (this goes for cats especially). For one California resident,…

Tiny 200 Square Foot Tel-Aviv Workspace

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There’s nothing more enticing than seeing the inner-workings and well put together spaces of those who live in the confines of a tiny home. Architect and designer Raanan Stern has a knack for creating inventive and beautiful spaces that work well with little square footage, and this one is no different. Located in Tel-Aviv, this particular…

Artistic and Ethnic Mexican Apartment

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If there’s one thing that gets us going every time, it’s the use of anything cultural– especially when reflective of the Spanish and Mexican parts of the globe. This particular space by Mat Colision captivated our eyes and hearts with the very first image. Located in Mexico City of all places, this space is like an…