Kinect Based Bathtub Gaming

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Bathing is time to relax for some, and time to stay busy for others. Whether you’re either of these types, Koike Laboratory of Tokyo has a product they are developing for you. With technology becoming more and more integrated to our every move, there is almost a way to bathe with a touchscreen in the water….

19 Creative Spaces Designed For Your Cat

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Cats don’t seem to require a whole lot of stimulus on the outside, due to their excessive cat napping and litter box digging. But, if you are a cat owner– you’ll have already noticed that kitties like to be perched up high and have secret spots to lurk in while still being able to watch everyone…

Product Guide: 9 Great Decorative Doorstops For Your Home

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Doorstops are pretty much only made for one reason– to hold your pesky heavy doors open. For awhile, we only figured that rubbery wedge stops were the only ones out there, but boy were we wrong. There are oodles and oodles of door stops out there to choose from, and we’ve narrowed it down to 9…

Bioluminescent Waitomo Glowworm Cave

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Spaces that glow are always a showstopper. Though this space is out in nature, you can certainly try to replicate it in your home. The Waitomo (or Glowworm) Caves of New Zealand are a huge tourist attraction and natural wonder that’s too gorgeous to pass up. Now, whether you’re looking to add some twinkling lights, a…

16 Science Styled Breaking Bad Inspired Interiors

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Design inspiration is everywhere you look– even if it’s in the form of a television show without a whole lot of high style, such as AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” But within that show are plenty of details, color combinations and themes that can keep us coming up with various interior palettes and inspirations to enjoy. Throughout the…

How To: 5 Easy DIY Steps To Craft Your Own Penny Flooring At Home

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Money makes the world go ’round, and home improvement projects can tend to be on the pricier side of things to spend your time doing. If there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that the accumulation of spare cents happens to just sit around in old jars, at the bottom of purses and laying out for the…

Huge Public Bus Refurbished to an On The Go Home

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Buses aren’t everyone’s main mode of transportation, but if you live in a place where those systems are alive and well, they’re typically crammed full of people on their daily commutes. And while we’ve seen school buses and other mobile vehicles get tricked out as homes and mobile vacation wagons– this bus is a bit different…

21 Nautical Inspired Spaces For Your Summer Season

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Summer is in the stages of winding down, but that doesn’t mean that any type of related decor has to take a back seat. Boating is always chic and in style– so if you want to go nautical, there’s always a way to tie in the various ocean inspired motifs to your otherwise stylish space. Anything…

Wooden Mirror Interactive Art Installation by Daniel Rozin

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Interactive art displays are some of the best because they’re just that– interactive. Artist Daniel Rozin has been making these interesting ‘mirror’ art pieces since before 2000, and they just keep getting more intricate. One of the first happens to be the “Wooden Mirror,” while subsequent installs have included a rust mirror, trash mirror, and more….

Glow in The Dark Gravel To Illuminate Any Exterior

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Anything that can absorb light to glow in the dark and conserve energy sounds like a good thing to us. So naturally aside from the gorgeous display of light these pebbles creates– they’re eco-friendly as well. They’ll stay shining for 10 hours with just 2 hours exposure to the sun, and can be used in under…