Product Guide: 9 Fun Sticky Notes For Your Home Office

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When you’ve got an office space that’s all work and no play, things can get a little dull. If you’re stuck in a drab interior that isn’t quite ready for an update but needs just a little bit of freshening up, there are a few ways that you can spruce up the space without going overboard….

The Inhabitants Taking Over ‘The House in The Woods’ of Finland

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Finnish based photographer Kai Fagerström has been focused on the works of organic elements and the coexistence of man and nature. In his series where he photographed a few cottages that had been abandoned and nature took over, Fagerström determined that he would put these gorgeous images into a book. “The House in The Woods” is…

20 Beautiful Hanging Beds at Home

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Beds can be classified as the sanctuary of the home for so many. When you can make a bedroom all the more enticing– what better way than to suspend the bed from the ceiling? Hanging beds have been around since the early 17th and 18th centuries, and they’ve been seeing some resurgence in the past 5…

How To: 8 Starters To Design The Perfect Kitchen Island

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Remodels are one of the most stressful tasks to take on as a homeowner, either new or seasoned. But the honest truth is that a vast majority of homes will come with a little something that we all would want to change. For so many of us that includes the kitchen. While replacing cabinetry and appliances…

Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Home With ‘KeyMe’ App

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Apps and technology integration are getting more and more popular as of late, and even with all of the keyless entry lock kits and new ways of making your home ‘smart,’– there may just be a time where you need a good old fashioned key. KeyMe is an innovative app that can help you with those…

15 Secret Storage Stowaways For Your Home Goods

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Extra square footage for storage comes at a premium in some areas of the country, and of course all over the world. While others may be so fortunate to live in a space where all of their belongings fit nice and neat into each nook and cranny, it can be daunting for those of us in…

Unique Indoor ‘Treehouse’ For A Kid’s Hideout

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Children are all alike in the fact that they want a space of their own to hide out and get away from it all whenever they please. When an elaborate treehouse isn’t a viable option, outside the box thinking is required to create that quiet space where a kid’s imagination can run wild. For a family…

Product Guide: 8 iPhone Docks Worthy of Showing Off

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As much as we may love it or hate it, technology is an integral part of our homes and lives. From the computers, tablets, smart phones, smart tv’s, refrigerators, alarms and even home locking mechanisms– technology is everywhere. With one of the most common items being the smart phone, you may want a beautiful way to…

Get Crafty: 20 Cool Craft Room Inspirations

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Those who are solely dedicated to their crafting, whether it be scrapbooking, card making, painting, sewing, jewelry making or the like– typically have a dedicated space for their art. Whether it’s a room or a small corner closet that allows for the crafting to take place, the size doesn’t impact the beauty of the organization in…

How To: 8 Tips For Painting Furniture and Cabinets Flawlessly

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Furniture and cabinetry that’s way past its prime can be unsightly and expensive to replace. If the style is something that you are still in love with but the finish is lackluster– there’s a simple and inexpensive solution to fix your furniture woes. Even if you’re looking for a vintage piece, finding something with a silhouette…