Product Guide: 11 Ice Cream Tools To Beat The Heat

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Ice cream is an integral part of the summertime. Whether you’re making it, buying it or just partaking in the art of eating this delicious summer treat, there are some essentials needed. Beyond the essentials are some special tools that can assist in making the experience that much greater. Take a look at our 11 favorites…

A Mixture of Rugby and Yarn in ‘The Rainbow Room’

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Artist Pierre le Riche concocted a brightly colored juxtaposition of what people deem as masculinity (rugby, sports) and homosexuality (rainbow) in one textural art installation. The outcome is a gorgeous space that’s based off of your standard South African living space, all covered in rainbow patterned yarn strands. Created to explore the boundaries (and push them)…

Exterior Inspiration: 15 Wraparound Porches Fit For Summer

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Porches are a summertime essential in the south. Whether the weather is right for some sweet tea, or a thunderstorm is brewing– sitting out relaxing on a porch is the perfect place to be. Make that a wraparound porch and you’ll know where to find every last one of us at Inthralld until winter rolls around….

How To: 10 Tips To Photograph Your Home Like a Pro

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Taking photos of your home is a natural thing to do. Whether it’s new, old or you’ve just completed some sort of DIY project, photographing your space is something that you do from time to time and will want to make the most of. While you might be wondering how magazine homes look so perfect, why…

Los Angeles Chandelier Tree House

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Los Angeles artist Adam Tenenbaum lives in the quiet Silver Lake community, and has just begun to grace his neighbors with a more public art installation that hangs off of his giant front yard tree. The creative air brush artist, photographer and designer started out with a couple of old chandeliers from a design set. Once…

Bastille Day Inspired: 17 Drool Worthy French Interiors

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With Bastille Day just around the corner on July 14th, we thought that Inthralld could use just a touch of French inspiration, after our American holiday. A plethora of styles surround the entire “French” genre, and from country to Baroque, Rococo, Provencal and everything in between– there’s nothing like a bit of European flair to bring…

Intricate Room Crafted Entirely From 3D Printing

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While the future of digitally printing all kinds of things such as clothing, housing and more are all on the horizon, designers Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger have embarked upon their own project utilizing the technology of 3D printing. Preparing to unveil the entire enclosed room on July 22nd of this year, these two designers have…

Product Guide: 10 Great Sushi & Sake Pieces

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Summer is a great time for sushi, but then again, when is it not? If you’re up for a bit of a learning curve and a fun night in, plan a sushi night at home. Or even if it’s just take out– it still helps to have a few of the tools on hand (like a…

Ikea Favorites: 20 Real Spaces Featuring the Expedit Bookcase

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Universal design is great when it’s affordable, and there’s no one that does affordably universal than Ikea. The Swedish manufacturer is in pretty much every home in America, and their reach expands beyond furnishings and into kitchen design, tchotchkes and more. One of their most universally known pieces is the “Expedit” and this bookcase and storage…

How To: 7 Tips To Layer Your Home With Mixed Prints and Patterns

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Putting together a successful space isn’t just all about finding one perfect lamp, a great rug and a couple of matching toss pillows. Many a time, a layered look of combined patterns and prints is the way to go to get that lived-in and welcoming feeling. Mixing various patterns and colors can be a scary thing…