Tiny and Historic: Top Floor Mansion Apartment of The Hauge

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Located in a historic 1890s mansion, the Maff Top Apartment is an unexpected contemporary addition to this Dutch design. It’s available to stay in with a per night rate, and the accommodations couldn’t be any more simple and sweet. With the entire place being practically built-in, it makes for a clean getaway where you’re able to…

Super El Camino Mexican Kitsch Bar and Lounge

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San Diego might not be the ultimate hotspot for all things cultural, but the few restaurants, shops and areas that are available are home runs. Super El Camino (the newer, bigger sister to the original El Camino) is situated in Downtown San Diego on a quiet corner where the only thing worth noting is the neon…

‘The Butcher’s Daughter': A Contradictory Juice Bar in New York

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Juice bars are typically your standard one-size-fits-all approach. Bright colors, sleek furniture and over enthusiastic employees; run of the mill juice franchises could stand to have a personality of their own. The Butcher’s Daughter in New York features a menu of vegan food and amazing juice concoctions. The interior features all kinds of butcher related items–…

Luxe Singita Serengeti House in Tanzania

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The 12 owned Singita accommodations are among some of the most beautiful we’ve seen in the African regions. Singita proudly operates 12 lodges and camps, each a unique experience in its own right, in five regions across three countries in Africa. The Singita Serengeti House in Tanzania is one of their most luxurious and private escapes…

Pop Up Tokyo ‘Llove’ Design Hotel Has A Room For Every Mood

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We’ve seen and heard of plenty of pop-up shops and installations around the globe; and this Tokyo perspective on the boutique hotel pop-up is an interesting take on a roaming art installation of sorts. Multiple artists and designers collaborated on the creation of this space to come up with a space for every mood that guests…

Luxurious Aenaon Villas of Santorini, Greece

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The fantastic Aenaon Villas of Santorini are located just at the highest and most narrow point on the island– right along the edge of Caldera. With only 7 villas, this is one exclusive and relatively secret getaway that’s not to be missed. The exterior features the traditional all white, smooth stone facades while the interiors are…

San Diego Banker’s Hill Bar + Restaurant

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Located in the charming Banker’s Hill neighborhood of Downtown San Diego, this little gem of a restaurant is a cozy space that’s situated on a quiet corner of this trendy area. The overall aesthetic of the space is a warm and rustic, industrial type space that really plays on the older parts of San Diego’s history….

Magic Mountain Lodge of Huilo-Huilo, Chile

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Vacationing at a South American retreat where the landscape and even the mountain inspired accommodations feel like an intense dream is truly a sight. The Nature Reserve of Huilo-Huilo in Chile plays host to an amazing “Magic Mountain” lodge that you’d almost rather sleep outside of just to enjoy the view. This rustic lodge was built…

San Diego’s Craft & Commerce by Basile Studio

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Nestled in the heart of Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy, Craft & Commerce is the perfect hotspot to getaway if you want some lunch time libations or an evening full of classic cocktails with an urban twist. It’s one of our local go-to spots in the neighborhood– and we have to say that the design by…

Contemporary Italian Winery Hidden in Bargino

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Wineries can be a great experience via design, or a subpar experience through the lack thereof. If ever you find yourself in the hills of Bargino, Italy, the Cantina Antinori Winery is a beautiful space to not only taste the wines but lounge and relax. With sprawling views of the Italian hillside, Archea Associati designed the…