Luxury Boutique Hotel Stay at Chile’s Tierra Patagonia

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South America has some beautiful land and places to stay, but none are quite like the boutique experience and design of Tierra Patagonia, located just along the Lake Sarmiento in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The reserve has been a part of the National Park since 1978, and this low key 40 room accommodation and spa are…

Contemporary Prahran Hotel Melbourne Pub

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The old Prahran Hotel in Melbourne has just undergone a pretty extensive renovation that still keeps their classic circular motifs in mind. While the previous art deco influenced space has been replaced with tunnel shaped booths and a multi-level space that features a dance floor, beer garden and an extremely long bar. Leather, concrete, steel and…

Secret Speakeasy in a NYC Water Tower

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Though New York is known as a tried and true concrete jungle, it’s proven that there are more to the buildings of NYC than just the skyscrapers throughout the city streets. What was once an old Water Tower has been transformed into the Night Heron Speakeasy, afloat high in the sky. With the only method of…

Italian Restaurant Covered in More Than 1,400 Green Medallions

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There’s no two things more exciting than trying a new restaurant in your neighborhood. Obviously the cuisine and menu are first up on the list, but oftentimes the decor and ambiance are a huge factor in the first impression. ‘Barbatella’ in Naples, Florida is a rustic contemporary Italian kitchen that reflects the same image on the…

Former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery Turned ‘Brewhouse Inn’

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Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic beer, and while the former brewery compound in Milwaukee is closed down (and has been, for quite some time), it is now proudly titled “Brewhouse Inn & Suites.” It’s a collection of 90 higher end suites, rooms and extended stay suites (studio, one and two bedrooms) for visitors to the…

UnderBelly Urban Ramen House Design

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While we’ve featured some great designs by Basile Studio, one of their most successful and trendy completions is a 650 square foot restaurant space in San Diego, California. A small urban hipster space set in the Little Italy neighborhood of the city features the perfect indoor/outdoor combination for the amazing weather offered in America’s finest city….

South African Wine Tasting Valley Estate

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Winery designs here in California tend to be on the more “Tuscan inspired” train of thought, while wine tasting rooms and wineries around the world are more open to the contemporary, bright overall sleek feelings that can be seen popping up. South Africa‘s “Maison Estate” winery and tasting room welcomes the stark white of the architecture…

Luxe Contemporary Amangiri Resort in the Utah Desert

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The architectural collaborative efforts of I-10 Studio (Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy) have culminated into the restort that is the “Amangiri” in Utah’s desert region. It’s more of a boutique space, with 34 suites available for booking– and of course plenty of shared areas featuring pools, jacuzzis and lounge space for guests. The accommodations…

100 Year Old Butcher Shop Transformed into A German Bar

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It’s not often that you see a well preserved 100 year old space. If ever in Leipzig, Germany, the Fleischerei Bar is an interior gem that is bursting with depth, history and character. What was once a space for the sale of meats and goods now revels in its rich past, serving up cocktails and cafĂ©…

’9h’ Nine Hours Sleep Capsule Hotel in Japan

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The Japanese have got quick overnight stays down to a five-step science. The ‘9h‘ Sleep Capsules are all housed in one sleek and contemporary location where the entire business model and design are built around nine hour increments. It’s as easy as arrive, shower, sleep, prepare and check out. While you’re not booking your stay to…