Barcelona’s Contemporary Colonial Hotel 1898

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Historic spaces of the past are entirely gorgeous canvases that offer up a rich history and interesting inspiration for future purposes. An old building in La Rambla, Barcelona has had multiple pasts– and now offers up 160 rooms for overnight guests of EspaƱa. Hotel 1898 offers up over 150 rooms in an old colonial style building,…

Blue Butcher: A Sophisticated Meat Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Who would have thought meat could be so elegant? With a greeting upon walking in the front entrance of “pleased to meat you,” it’s hard to imagine you could have a bad time. Blue Butcher of Hong Kong is a stunning restaurant that utilizes a walk-in drying room that’s filled with pink salt bricks, and a…

17th Century Downtown Mexico City Hotel

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Restored historical buildings are some of the most beautiful in the world, and when their bones are given a little TLC an amazing transformation happens in the present day. “DOWNTOWN” is a Mexico City boutique hotel that beautifully melds into current day life. The 17th Century structure from colonial times showcases a quaint stay with 17…

Hide Out in a French Forest Retreat

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France can sometimes be synonymous with the city life and Paris, but outside of the architectural wonders are amazing woods to take in. It is a simple concept from Matali Crasset of two different sized pods that sleep multiple persons in an attempt to get users closer to nature. Titled “Le Nichoir” and “La Noisette,” there…

Mobile Cloud Shaped Hotel Sleeps 7 People

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“The Cloud” is another design concept built by the innovators and designers at Zebra3/Buy Sellf, and this time it involves an inspiration from the natural clouds in the sky. This carefully crafted piece is a mobile hotel that also finds a home for the Suburban Shelters Noise initiative. The wooden structure is shaped like a cartoon-esque…

Exotic Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

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Bora Bora is known for its crystal blue waters, sandy white beaches, and romantic atmosphere. Of course, wherever you find some of the more beautiful islands you’ll also find the breathtaking overwater bungalows. There are over 80 rooms at this exquisite and renowned Pearl Beach Resort, and they are all designed in an exotic style with…

‘The Watchers’ Owl Inspired Cabin

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Located in the open landscape of the Rives Arcins in Bordeaux, France– this cabin draws inspiration from the night “owls” of the land. Crafted as a part of the “Noise Initiative” for the area, this cabin was designed by Zebra3/Buy-Sellf. Jutting off of the structure is a small pier that extends to the Garonne River. The…

Luxurious Stay at Ngorongoro Crater Animal Reserve

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Thatched roofs, wild animals and Tanzania might not strike all of the illusions of grandeur that most luxury descriptions carry. But after seeing the space that the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge has to offer, you might change your thinking. Private butler services, amazing outdoor experiences and more just add to the warmth that your lodge brings. An…

Sustainable Finca Bellavista Treehouses in Costa Rica

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A traveler’s paradise in a secluded location ensures that you will be uninterrupted during your stay at one of Finca Bellavista‘s seven tree homes over the plot of 600 acres of land. There are a total of 25 structures on the property altogether, which include a community center and base camp as well. While the accommodations…

Chic Five Star Hotel de NELL in Paris, France

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Paris isn’t only known for all of the love that is so abundant in the city, but it is of course a great capitol for fashion, art and architecture as well. Of course while visiting you may want to experience a little flavor of these things during your actual stay. Enter 5 star Hotel de NELL….