‘Jumbo Stay’ Boeing 747 Turned Hostel in Stockholm

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Hostels are somewhat seemingly simple concept for travelers abroad. This particular hostel happens to be a 70s jumbo jet that’s since retired from flight duty and is now cemented on its own perch to serve as a place for those passing through to really take a glimpse into luxe plane accommodations. Called ‘Jumbo Stay,’ the interior…

Amsterdam Gas Plant Hotel Room by Piet Hein Eek

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Designer and architect Piet Hein Eek has created a very special hotel room in Amsterdam‘s Westergas area. The Westergasfabriek is a former gas factory that’s now turned cultural center, and the Eek designed space is just one of the many areas with a rich cultural history. The space was once in the area where the gasometer…

‘Pod’ Boutique Hotel For Camps Bay Travelers

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Hotel stays are always the greatest, and when you’ve got chic accommodations at an upscale boutique hotel– you really get the royal treatment. The ‘Pod’ boutique hotel in Camps Bay, South Africa, is a little gem that hosts only a handful of rooms. Stylish and luxurious were words used to describe the design intentions of the…

Green Sky City Garden Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore

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Designed to be more than just your average Singapore hotel suites, this built space was conceived as office space mixed with hospitality for the ultimate green roofed garden and city garden experience. It is from the Parkroyal on Pickering that guests can enjoy a lush green view from the upper floors, and skyline views just beyond….

“Méjico” Mexican Restaurant with Pops of Neon Color

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Juicy Design has wrapped up another fantastic project, this time for a little boutique Mexican food joint in Sydney, Australia. The restaurant is a beautifully mod space that’s filled with so many patterns, prints, bright pops of color and everything in between. With a mantra of ‘market to table,’ the interior was made to reflect the…

Santorini Hotel With Volcanic Rock Walls

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Greece is known for that bright white architecture in the midst of a luxurious sea life. With all of the volcanic rock around the land that is Santorini comes a gorgeous hotel called “Perivolas Oia.” With only 20 rooms to spare, this small and unique stay is more than just a breathtaking view. The secluded spaces…

Luxury Boutique Hotel Floats on Historic English Fort

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Originally built to withstand sea attacks during war times, forts on the English Channel don’t have much use these days. There’s one in particular called “Spitbank Fort” that while still standing, has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel. The coastal built space is accessible by boat or helicopter, and each of the luxe accommodations has…

Korean ‘Katakomb’ Underground City Lounge

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Lounges and bars have some of the most creative interiors in order to appeal to the night life audiences– and this underground style lounge is one that doesn’t disappoint. ‘Katakomb’ is located in Seoul, Korea, and in a bustling city that doesn’t seem to sleep; this space needed a wow factor. The appeal of it all…

Santa Fe’s Exquisitely Detailed Inn of the Five Graces

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Elaborate designs of the southwestern culture usually dive into many of the native Indian and American heritage for their aztec patterns, vivid colors and rustic touches. The Seret family of New Mexico is not accustomed to shying away from detail in any of their designs, and it translated into the Inn of the Five Graces that…

Palm Springs Minimalist Workshop Restaurant

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One of the biggest selections of SOMA architect driven and designed buildings happens to be in Palm Springs, California– and besides the house tours and other happenings to do with the eras of architecture happens to be new businesses reviving historical spots without ruining their inherent charm. Located in the historic El Paseo building is the…