The Poet’s Loft of Tomales Bay

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There’s no denying the whimsical feel that the California beaches give off. This particular little vacation spot called the ‘Poet’s Loft‘ comes to you from the Tomales Bay in Marshall, Ca where the population is only 50. A sweet and quiet spot that’s perfect for a romantic getaway and sits on the water, this little 2…

Simple Women Only Nap Cafe in Japan

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There’s nothing like a little cat nap (or two) in the middle of an even more exhausting day, and sometimes it would be so nice to take a break at work to just curl up and catch a few zzz’s. At the Cafe Corne in Japan, you most certainly can do that. Though it is for…

A Functional Kitchen Under The Stairs

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The feeling that you get when dining at home is rarely duplicated out in public, so Barbara Appolloni Architect’s design for an Australian cafe in Barcelona is a wonderful treat for those looking to an intimate setting for a nice meal and/or drinks. The relaxed and informal vibe of the space is apparent, with a kitchen…

London’s Corfu Suite: Voted World’s Sexiest Hotel Room

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The Smith Hotel awards are on their 10th annual run, and when the pair who promotes luxurious and romantic escapes with your other half finds the creme de la creme of a certain category, it’s best to listen up. This year’s awards are full of different categories, but the one that struck us the most is…

Swiss Train Car Turned into Starbucks Coffee Shop

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Starbucks on every corner? Check. But while we’re all well aware that Starbucks is everywhere and anywhere, they are branching out into other areas that are a little less conventional, but certainly convenient. Convenient especially for commuters of Geneva, Switzerland, considering the latest designs for a train car that’s outfitted with all things Starbucks in a…

Spacious Barebones Safari Tent Feels Like Home

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Tents aren’t typically an item of too much interest, but when you’re out in the wilderness roughing it you want to make sure you’ve got the best shelter for a perfect trip. If you’re wanting that at home experience without expecting the bells and whistles, this tent could be a great in between go-to for those…

Luxury Dog Hotel Accommodations in Malaysia

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Getting away to a hotel for a couple of days is so refreshing and rejuvenating, though we don’t always imagine the same for our four legged friends that end up in some less than stellar accommodations. Now located near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, there is a hotel for dogs that rivals some resorts of the world….

Stunning Aquapura Duoro Hotel of Portugal

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Vacationing in a new spot can be a daunting task if you want to have everything done just right, but this little gem on the Douro river in Portugal is a serene setting in the cultured country. Titled Aquapura Duoro, this hotel has about 71 rooms to accommodate plenty of people staying overnight. With multiple restaurants…

Austrian Pizzeria Features a Giant Disco Ball Oven

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When it comes to pizza, there are a million ways to design, prepare, cook and present it. No matter where you are in the world– you are likely to find some great pizza and it will be unique to its region, culture or creativity. For one local Austrian pizzeria, part of this pizza is the oven…

Contemporary ‘Click Clack Hotel’ of Colombia

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South America is host to some amazing design. The “Click Clack” Hotel of Bogotá, Colombia, takes a different approach not only to design, but to booking your room as well. Click Clack is tall and narrow, with living walls on the outside perimeters and plenty of viewing spots from within the lobby or the outside seating…