Bulgarian Graffiti Cafe by Studio Mode

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Situated just underneath the gallery of modern art in Varna, Bulgaria; the Graffiti Cafe is a gorgeous space that worked around the existing architecture to create something aesthetically beautiful to lounge around in. Through careful design and flawless execution, Studio Mode was able to explore the boundaries of acoustics, ventilation and great design inspired by Escher….

Stunning Le Meridien Cairo Hotel Overlooks Giza’s Ancient Pyramids

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Traveling to visit the ancient wonders of the world might be a thing of the past for some, but even with so much turmoil throughout the world, there are still some amazing hotels and spas to turn to. Starwood’s Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel offers an unparalleled view of the ancient Pyramids at Giza while providing gorgeous…

Australian Artisanal Coffee From Third Wave Kiosk

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Coffee stops don’t have to mean stopping by your run of the mill Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or 7-11, but local spots can be a regular stop– like the “Third Wave” coffee and food stop in Melbourne. Tony Hobba Architects created a beautiful beach structure down on Melbourne’s Australian coast. Upcycled sheet piles were put up to…

Artsy Video Based Passenger Bar in Madrid

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At a glimpse, the Passenger Bar by Parolio looks to be like an old timey train car traveling as a bar, right? Wrong. In a sense, the bar is virtually traveling with a video based platform. With bars and lounges all being fairly similar in design concepts and aesthetics, this space is reminiscent of a classic…

Quirky Dog Bark Park Inn Cottonwood, Idaho

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If ever on a whim you are traveling to Cottonwood, Idaho, there’s a little gem of a place that’s a great stop off (weather permitting). If you’re in need of an overnight stay, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a most wonderful spot that has all of the essentials– all within a gigantic Beagle dog sculpture….

Wunderbar Lounge at Montreal W Hotel

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W Hotels are known for creating intensely chic environments that really allow a design theme to take over and get carried away. While not every W can be overtly over the top, the W Montreal is home to the “Wunderbar,” a colorful space with plenty of soft sweeping light and undulating forms. Brought to us from…

Industrial Eclectic Drift Bar in London

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Industrial type spaces are popping up more and more. With the popularity of gastropubs and more of a chic, underground space rising; The Drift is a great combination of a homey feel combined with an industrial chic space. An eclectic gem, this restaurant sports all kinds of unique spaces. Fusion Design and Architecture had the vision…

Stunning Portuguese Hotel Areias Do Seixo Charm

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Portugal has some interesting designs, and of course their cultural influences are a great deal different as well. The Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel is one of the greats that showcases all of the intricate beauties that Portugal has to offer. The ultimate goal of these accommodations was to combine Green design with luxury. There is…

Cotton Candy Edible Padded Cell by Jennifer Rubell

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Added onto a “Red Party” event, Jennifer Rubell created an eight foot by sixteen foot wooden structure completely padded on the interior with cotton candy. Crafted to explore the darker side of pleasure and perhaps punishment– the padded cell utilized more than 1,600 cotton candy cones in its construction. The basic building materials involved were that…

Canvas Domes At Elqui Domos Hotel, Chile

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Stargazing out in the desert is a great time if astrology is your thing. What makes the Elqui Domos hotel a great place is that the accommodations don’t include camping. You can have your stars and sleep in an actual room, too. Each dome shaped, canvas stretched room has a unique “skylight” type cutout to enjoy…