Rural Camping Style Stay at a Germany Hotel

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Camping is a release for the nature inclined who are seeking a getaway from all of the technology, people, noises and modern-day troubles. For those of us that are looking for a ‘camp-like’ experience without all of the required roughing it– look no further than this sweet little German Hotel. This Huetten Palast hotel is a…

Raw Beauty of Hotel Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Hotel Escondido is a wonderful new little property in the relatively untouched locale of Oaxaca, Mexico. With the appearance of a neutral hued adobe hut comes a lovely interior that’s perfect parts soft and inviting, while still remaining contemporary and indigenous at its core. Grupo Habita has a laundry list of hospitality projects they’ve been involved…

Manhattan’s Intimate Pool Farm Table at Ink

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Here’s a concept that we have been seeing more and more of, and in a place like New York, one would only think that this idea will expand into other cities: skyfarming. When you’re in a metropolis that only offers concrete and millions of people, you have to look up to find the next place to…

6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak

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Switzerland certainly has its perks, and one of them that trumps the list beyond any natural scenery and activities is the Zermatt Peak Chalet. Beyond boasting beautiful views, many guests will find themselves looking wide-eyed around the interior at all of the luxurious finishes and amazing settings. The space is vast and gorgeous, with a visual…

Overnight Stay in a Luxury ‘Lover’s’ Submarine

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Luxe vacations are a fantastic way to get away to somewhere romantic and enjoy incredible moments with your significant other. While jetsetting to overseas places sounds whimsical and exciting, doesn’t the thought of taking off underwater in a private submarine sound like a once in a lifetime adventure? Oliver’s Travels is offering up a luxurious overnight…

Early 1900s Inspired Starbucks in New Orleans

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With a city that’s got as much history as New Orleans, you’d only come to expect everything in the area to become themed in some way shape or form. And that’s the case, even if you’re coffee giant, Starbucks. The culture and rich past of the city holds its own so much so that this worldwide…

Rustic Minimalist Tabaccaia di Reschio Offices

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The whole Steampunk inspired industrial, rustic, minimalist designs are a dime a dozen these days. But there’s nothing quite like when you see something done so right as this space in Italy. An old tobacco factory has been updated and renovated into a multi-use space that’s got a whole lot of style. Castello di Reschio has…

Upcycled Double Decker Bus Hotel

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Mobile dwellings have really had an upswing in popularity in the past year or two, and this particular upcycled double decker bus performs as a mobile hotel space. It took British carpenter Adam Collier-Woods six months to take an old and ordinary double decker bus and transform it into the roaming hotel that it is today….

Contemporary Glamping Tents in South Korea

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With glamping as a craze that is still catching on in any spot where the Orange County Housewives might take a chance at traveling to, ArchiWorkshop has created a unique spin on the tents available in South Korea. These tents are reminiscent of a salad spinner or a caterpillar, and are partitioned off just so. The…

New Summit Swiss Alps Restaurant with an Aluminum Facade

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Restaurant designs can be all about the glitz and glamour, or they can be simple and straight to the point. But what if you’ve got a restaurant that accomplishes both of these? The New Summit Restaurant perched within the Swiss Alps is a prime example, showcasing beautiful and semi-prefab designs while still remaining breathtaking in a…