Light Capturing Hiroshima Home by Future Studio

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If there’s one thing that’s more beautiful about this home aside from its aesthetics, it is the planning behind it. Natural light and mother nature’s time clock were all taken into account when creating this home by Future Studio. Hiroshima, Japan, is where this residence is located and the unique shape and design all play a…

1977 Houghton, Australia Church Conversion

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Church conversions are some of our most favorite homes, especially after seeing the end results. Cathedral ceilings and beautiful spaces created out of what was once a place of worship is a truly awe inspiring feat, and this particular Australian home has that ‘wow’ factor to it. This home, originally a church, was built in 1977…

Gorgeous Colorado Town Homes in the Mountains

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Townhomes have a sort of effortless chic about them, and these beautifully simple contemporary spaces in Boulder, CO are no exception. The residences built by Arch 11 are completely rectilinear without looking boxy, and share what was once a single family home property in a tree lined communal area. Covered in a white wash of clean…

100 Square Foot Nomad Micro Home For Sale

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Tiny homes are getting more and more intricate, trying to fit as much possible within a footprint or certain requirements that make the small space living more astounding. For the Vancouver based ‘Nomad’ brand, one of their flagship models that can be bought and built yourself is 100 square feet, in a 10×10 confined area. The…

Four Story San Francisco Home by Craig Steely

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Four stories in any area is a difficult plan to come by, but the latest home from Craig Steely Architecture offers up a unique residence under 2,000 square feet that allows for great views of San Francisco’s Mission district. The couple who commissioned this space wanted to retain privacy for themselves and their children, as well…

Mediterranean Escape by Guallart Architects

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Vincente Guallart of Spain has a hefty portfolio when it comes to design, but this contemporary gem in the countryside of La Nou de Gaia is the one to beat. Situated on its own little plot up a long and windy road is the ‘House M‘ which showcases gorgeous hillside views and promotes its own splendid…

300 Square Foot Functional Brazilian Apartment

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A functionally folding apartment in Brazil isn’t the first, but is definitely a winning design that’s got plenty of intricate areas and beautifully designed spaces within an open and accommodating space. With roughly 320 square feet to spare, this resident has the ultimate transforming home. Simple design tricks were used in creating this interior to look…

Gorgeous Wood Home by Studio Fanetti

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It’s not too often that you see a perfectly appointed space that is covered with wood in its entirety. Studio Fanetti has created a home that is filled with all sorts of great little details. Aside from the ceiling to floor richness in the various woods all over, this residential re-do is equipped with plenty of…

Elegant Garden Pavilion Space

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There are those who are looking to downsize their homes, and others that are planning on expanding their current means. For one of architect Shawn Freeman‘s clients, this lovely pavilion addition to their property became the perfect garden space to entertain. Equipped with everything you’d need to have a casual or more formal gathering, this glass…

Rescued Idaho Mountain Retreat by M.Elle Design

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Vacation homes aren’t always a gorgeous completely custom space that you can deck out yourself, but for mother and daughter design team of M. Elle in California, it just so happens that was the case. For their family’s vacation space in Idaho, there was many a cabin inspiration from Provence, France to multiple other European adventures….