Tiny Chilean Cabin in the Woods

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Escaping to the great outdoors can mean so many things. One of them being a wonderful cabin retreat that is tiny enough to be hidden, and large enough to accommodate a stay for as long as need be. This beautiful little space by MC2 Architecture is a wonderful addition to the woods of Chile and sits…

New Home Inserted into a 1930′s Church

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Churches that are no longer holding services typically become old and abandoned, and this 1930s building ran as a Rotterdam church until the 60s. After the church was shut down, there was no one to inhabit the space until a couple came along to purchase and convert it into a home of their own for their…

São Paulo Graphic Design Residence

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A home suited for a graphic design aficionado that also needs all of the girly frills doesn’t seem like the easiest of tasks, but this home in São Paulo, Brazil is one that’s memorable for the unique exterior and just as interesting interior design all by Isay Weinfeld. The Sumaré House showcases architectural features that are…

Modern Sydney Home Shell by Carter Williamson

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Sydney is known for a plethora of beautiful Victorian style homes, and every now and again, there is a modern space dispersed in between. Carter Williamson Architects was contracted with the task of creating a sweet little home that sits perfectly in between its historic neighbors. The issue at hand was building out a space that…

70 Square Foot ‘OTIS’ Mobile Living Shelter

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Living sustainably can have so many different meanings from one person to another. But there’s no denying that this Optimal Traveling Independent Space (OTIS) has got sustainable design and living down to a science. With tiny mobile spaces becoming more of the norm, Green Mountain College of Vermont’s academic design program created their 70 square foot…

Penthouse B by Destilat Architecture + Design

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Austrian design and architecture firm Destilat created this home concept they title ‘Penthouse B.’ The space is a relatively neutral one, with plenty of light streaming in through asymmetrically placed windows and simple finishes. Though the interior is very mod in most areas, the colors and textures make the space feel inviting and home-like. The ceilings…

Raw Buenos Aires Contemporary Concrete Home

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Exceptional architecture is what this home is all about, and located in the South American country of Buenos Aires, you can see the sleek design characteristics from a mile away. Labeled as the ‘Summer House,’ this home exudes a rustic feel, even though the new construction is minimal and as contemporary as they come. Having a…

Tiny Guest Space Cottage on Lake George, NY

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Having house guests isn’t always the highlight of having out-of-towners come to stay, but if you’ve got a special little spot for them it can be great. For this New York family, adding a little guest studio to their Lake George property made the most sense to accommodate those that are just visiting. Architect Jeffrey S….

Wood Cabin and Treehouse Inside of a Brooklyn Loft

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New York has some of the smallest interior spaces in the states, and you can forget about gaining a backyard or any outdoor square footage if you’re in the city or a borough such as Brooklyn. For one loft dweller in the concrete jungle, a makeshift treehouse-slash-cabin has been concocted to provide a bit of nostalgia…

Japanese Exterior Elevator Garage

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Architect Kenji Yanagawa had a challenge when creating this home in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It wasn’t your typical home with owners that wanted windows specifically facing north or south, or even size requirements for particular areas. Instead, it was the inability to create a traditional garage that made for an interesting concept. The end result? A…