Raw Industrial Barcelona Apartment

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Barasona Designed this beautifully small apartment in Barcelona, Spain. With only 860 square feet to work with, the open floor plan is beautifully integrated with all rooms in one. The flat was first renovated in 2007 to incorporate the rustic and almost dilapidated feel to the space. Perhaps the main focal point of this flat is…

480 Square Foot 12.20 Contemporary House Design

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It’s a constant treat to see how other families in different parts of the world live small without sacrifice. Though this home is small, it certainly isn’t lacking much other than the square footage of your average American home– which is intentional on their part. Created by Brazil’s Alex Nogueria, the home is a 484 square…

1930’s Rustic Spanish Colonial Home in Los Angeles

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Spanish architecture and art has a whimsical and completely chic quality about it when presented right, and perhaps it comes from being a Southern California native– but this home has got it all right. Transformed by Hsu McCullough Architects. Originally built in the 1930’s this home has got some great bones, but was renovated and updated…

Contemporary Concrete Wave Residence

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It’s always nice to see a home that doesn’t boast your average entryway, or the typical ‘layout’ that’s seen 99% of the time. For this Chilean residence along the coastline, architect Raimundo Anguita created a concept that truly integrates the architecture with the land, and the whole home almost appears to be sunken into the ground….

Snowy Fontanella Mountain Village Home

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A beautiful boxy space was put together in such a beautiful way on the hills of Fontanella in Germany. What may not be a unique residence by way of California beach homes surely stands out against the snowy weather and otherwise barren land. Bernardo Bader Architects put together this simply stunning residence with a contemporary feel…

Intimate Mediterranean Escape in St. Tropez

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St. Tropez offers up some of the best spots to stay along the Mediterranean, but it can also be a nice feeling to have a home to go back to and not have to worry about prying eyes, other resortists or the hustle and bustle that traveling creates. This tucked away home called ‘L’Escalet‘ sits atop…

Channel Islands 15th Century Barn Renovation

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Guernsey architects MOOARC have a distinct contemporary taste, but throughout their range of works ‘La Concha’ is one of our favorite projects by these Channel Islands creatives. Once a 15th century barn, the old stone building has been converted into a medium sized family home complete with glazing, natural wood tones and whites. Sleeping and other…

Massive 6,300 Square Foot Screen House

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There’s something entirely endearing about a tiny home 100 square feet and under, but there’s also an excitement and wonder that comes with a massive residence that features more than 6,000 square feet on the interior. Created by K2Ld Architects in Singapore, the ‘Screen House’ is one that’s unforgettable in stature and architectural design. This gorgeous…

Belgian Pine Reserve Live/Work Space by Artau Architecture

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This beautiful ‘Lennox Residence’ is a stunning feat from Artau Architecture located in Belgium. The contemporary home features plenty of unique features, including the obvious architectural feats– such as entirely glazed facades and a wonderfully elevated structure. The interior is contemporary and clean, with an emphasis on the exterior features. Built in 2006 as an office…

An Illusionist’s Dream: Mirror Covered Tiny House

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There are many modern takes on homes that blend into a landscape, and for Japanese artist Harumi Yukutake it just so happens to mean applying mirrors to the facade of a small home out in the open. Titled ‘Restructure’ the small home takes cues from the surrounding greenery to showcase the natural wonders that a built…