Japanese Inspired Sea Ranch Home in California

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Architecture Firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop creates beautiful coastal homes, with three of some of their great portfolio works being at Sea Ranch in California. This particular home is a contemporary, yet Japanese inspired residence and guest home with wood cladding on the exterior and a simple shape to it overall. There is lush greenery surrounding the…

Corner Casa Grecia in São Paulo

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Contemporary homes in Brazil are obviously not a dime a dozen compared to its population, but the majority of beautifully built spaces in the São Paulo area happen to be contemporary in style. This particular home, Casa Grecia, by Isay Weinfeld is a marvelous depiction of a natural space extending from the outside in. None of…

Spain’s Modern Brick House 1101

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A home where the outdoor area is the extension of the indoor space is one that always steals our hearts and whisks us away to a place that is equal parts practical and whimsy. The ‘House 1101′ by Spain’s H Arquitectes showcases the beauty of this home in a standout setting and a minimalist way. The…

Traditional Folk Style Hip Roof House in Japan

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Naoi Architecture of Japan created a custom home for a family of four that’s got an interesting shape and design to its architecture. The interior is beautiful and modern, with an exterior glass hipped roof that just draws you in. roof that just draws you in. The upper balcony area is an obvious beautiful spot in…

260 Square Foot Home With Only Skylights

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Over the course of this four level tower apartment in Paris France, there is only a total of less than 270 square feet. Within these parameters, there is no space for windows on any of the actual walls, as it is a tower wedged between more architecture. This home’s greatest source of light comes from the…

100 Square Foot Hut on a Hippie Commune

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Located in New Mexico, what was once a hippie commune and a yoga retreat center is now a ‘hermit hut’ in a little 100 square foot box. Costing about $11,000 in materials, the ‘Lama Foundation Hut’ is minimalist at its core– even with the beautiful design details including the wood clad interior. The hut is simple…

Industrial Rocker Chic Art Studio Home by 4M

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Melding multiple cultures, styles and life experiences into a single home for a couple can be a daunting task. But somehow, 4M Group figured out how to blend the distinct vision for a husband and wife into a luxe rock and roll meets ultra glam, industrial art studio and home with their standard residential couture approach….

Recycled 160 Square Foot Gypsy Style Wagon House

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Gypsies have a penchant for a specific look and feel to their overall style, and if you think of things that they are synonymous for (other than their colorful clothing), it would most likely be their caravan of wagons drifting from locale to locale. Located in British Columbia on the Kootenay Lake, this shingle covered wagon…

400 Square Foot Micro Traveling Cabin

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The ‘ESCAPE’ cabin is just that– the perfect escape if need be. While most vacation spots are anchored in a beautifully secluded area, on a beautiful beach or in a city loft somewhere, this particular cabin looks stationary but is mobile in all actuality. Designed by Kelly Davis, the residence is small but packs a fierce…

Uniquely Split Norwegian Cabin Plan

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Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has had plenty of creative experience planning interesting architectural spaces, but this split mountain home in Norway is a beautiful addition to the portfolio. A mountain lodge of this stature isn’t particularly overwhelming, but the simplistic nature of the exterior and interior make for a wonderful experience. A rich pine knotted wood covers…