Immaculate Renovation at This Williamsburg Residence

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A beautiful home is much more than meets the eye. For some it is a brand new construction space with all of the bells and whistles– and for others it is a labor of love. For homeowner, designer and artist Anthony Goicolea, this Williamsburg residence in the recently gentrified area of Brooklyn is all of the…

Ten Foot Wide Home in San Francisco, California

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Small homes are becoming the norm more and more these days. With that are homes in areas like San Francisco where real estate is not easy or inexpensive to come by, small homes can be a savior. Even though a home may not be of ideal square footage or layout, prices are still sky high in…

Tiny Vertical 200 Square Foot Home in Madrid

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Small spaces are always the most fun and intriguing to look at, personally. There’s something about an entire home that’s so compartmentalized, organized and spacious all at the same time that begs for a closer look. This particular home in Madrid, Spain, is a more vertical take on your average 200 square foot home, with ladder…

Beautiful Mexican Observatory Home in Mexico

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This gorgeous home in Roca Blanca, Mexico, is a true ode to the natural landscape and beautiful ocean views by architect Tatiana Bilbao and Gabriel Orozco. The residence sits just off the shore of the coastline, and the entire project was centered around an old 1700′s observatory in New Delhi, India. A trip to the Jantar…

Contemporary Chatsworth Residence by Cambuild

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The beautiful Chatsworth home is unlike any other contemporary space by Cambuild Architecture. Not an overtly large space, the two bedroom home was well thought out and nicely appointed with its simple walls and bold color accents. It’s got a yin and yang presence about it, with eco-consciousness incorporated to a bed of luxury. The luxury…

House of 33 Years Built in 3 Different Cities

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Located in Nara, Japan, this residence was built for a couple who had previously lived in their home for 33 years. This space is a contemporary step up, and took 5 years to build– but the end result is a creative and minimalist space with so many distinct spaces inside. Built by Assistant Architects the space…

Green Design Los Angeles Home by Barbara Bestor

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Green living is a huge part of design in Los Angeles, and this Topanga Canyon home is an exemplary piece of architecture by Barbara Bestor that features simple elements of sustainability. The industrial nature of the home’s exterior appearance helped with prefab type costs in the long run. Overall, this home was easier to construct in…

Historic Farmhouse Residence and Workspace

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Spaces that double between living and working are a great success in so many ways- with one being the delightfully simple connection between the two. Being able to walk across the way to get work done, or slip home for lunch has its perks– and the architecture of this space by Oppenheim Architecture is a beautifully…

Contemporary Moscow Home Re-Design

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There are times when a home just needs a bit of updating, and for this 1990′s shell of a home in Moscow– it was about time for a major overhaul. 4a Architekten took this project by the horns and created a uniquely contemporary home that has an updated personality all its own. Seemingly asian in its…

Bridge Home by Platt Architects Sits Over Natural Stream

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The Bridge Home happens to be one that looks as if it is in the middle of nowhere, and there’s nothing around it other than some forest-y trees and a beautiful, natural stream. Natural stone and wood planking cover the exterior facade while the rest of the interior is covered in rich woods and neutral tones….