Skull Chair Complete With a Brain

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Vladi Rapaport has a real vision for creating surreal and interesting concepts for furniture. His two furniture pieces that go together unlike any others are the Skull Chair and Brain, both crafted in 2008. The design isn’t like any that you’d go and pick out at Ikea, but they are both artful pieces that pack a…

Scribble Furniture Design From Hand Sketches

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There’s something so raw and real about sketching out your ideas from inception in your brain and letting the creativity flow out onto paper. For artist Jin il Park, things were taken one step further when actual furniture was made out of line drawings that began as 2 dimensional figures on a sketch pad. The ‘Drawing…

Poolside Furniture: Cocoon Tree Beach

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The makers who brought you the first ‘Cocoon Tree‘ have included the ‘beach‘ version to their roster. If you don’t have the option to be suspended in the air and vacationing, consider getting an orb shaped lounger for your yard to prepare for summer months where you’ll be enjoying the outdoors often. With a wide variety…

Stained Glass Steampunk Octopus Chandelier

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Chandeliers are the best statement tool you can have in your home. If there’s a space that needs some filling, look to the ceiling and find the perfect light fixture. This particular one is certainly a scene stealer, taking over the focal point of any room. An intricate design is built around molded metal and underwater…

Magic Flying Carpet Coffee Table

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Unique furniture pieces can be the best part of experiencing a new space, and eclectic choices all melded together are some of our favorites. This particular table would be one that we would love to see in person, and it takes us all the way back to the Disney days of Aladdin. Built to appear as…

Geodesic Dome Inspired Lounge Chair

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Richard Buckminster Fuller created the geodesic dome during his time as a prolific architect and designer. And while the world still revels in this contemporary creation, there are dozens of different products, furniture and architecture that borrows from the original shape and premise of the dome. The Q1 Lounging Chair by ODESD2 showcases the original dome…

Contemporary Water Balloon Pendant Lighting

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Lighting is a great way to spruce up any space. Though it can be pricey and difficult to find just the right fixture that matches up with the scale and design style of an interior. Torafu Architects created this water balloon inspired light that emits a liquid droplet look on the interior of a bulb. The…

Beautifully Bright Ikea Hacked Bookcase

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With the new year comes the need and want to get things organized and really shift the focus to starting the coming months off right. With expensive bookcases also comes the option to DIY some things as well, and Ikea hacks are a great way to get an inexpensive option that’s one of a kind. If…

Gorgeous Black Charred Wood Furniture

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Furniture has had so many different looks, trends, colors and styles since the creation of it. With experimentation and newfound techniques in both art and science comes plenty of unique furniture styles. Yaroslav Galant, a designer from the Ukraine, has created a style that incorporates charred wood into a more traditional style of furniture which in…

Contemporary Rocking Horse Inspired Seating

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When was the last time you had the chance to ride a rocking horse like a little cowboy? Or a seesaw? It’s our best guess that it’s been awhile, but this particular bench creation has a couple of variations that will take you back to your elementary days in no time. Rockers no. 1 and no….