Rustic ‘Walter’ Desk by Olga Guanabara

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Furniture designer Olga Guanabara of Brooklyn, NY has got a great aesthetic when it comes to her furniture designs. With styles ranging from chairs and tables to more detailed works such as lighting and dog beds– Guanabara has got a real talent for the rustic designs that fit well in any space. The ‘Walter’ desk is…

Dreamy Upholstered Daybed by Stefanie Schissler

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Daybeds are somewhat of a luxury in this day and age. When we have furniture pieces that double and even triple as other objects, it can be hard to just have a seat or space that’s dedicated to lounging. Because who really has room for a sofa, coffee table and an extra daybed? Stefanie Schissler has…

Grand Acanthus Rattan Bench

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Scale is a great factor when planning for and placing furniture into a home. When a grand entry, master suite or large dining room calls for an extra special piece of seating– certainly keep this beautiful oversized bench by Dolcefarniente in mind. Called ‘Ethuil,’ this bench is like a normal straight seater with a headboard attached….

Natural Tumbleweed Chandelier Lighting by Jean Landry

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Finding items that look natural and offer a sense of wonder can be a tough thing, especially if you’ve got a certain aesthetic to appeal to. If antlers, horns, and leather are your thing– this tumbleweed fixture will provide a sense of softness in a room. Or even if soft pinks and greys are a scheme,…

Minimalist 2×4 Hanging Pendant Light

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There’s a right time and place for everything, and the same rings true for design. Just as an elaborate chandelier or breathtaking tufted sofa may be perfect for one room, a completely minimalist series of furniture or accessories may be better for the next. If your inclination is to keep it simple, this awesome 2×4 pendant…

Soft Ruched Curving Armin Chair

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Cocoon like spaces are great for recharging or getting some R&R after a long day. There are few furniture pieces that would look great in a home that support a cradle like environment. The Armin chair by Dorothee Mainka is a beautiful piece that appears soft in its undulating curves and textural balance. Shown in a…

Smart Thermostats and Smoke Detectors For Your Home

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Google has just purchased the company ‘Nest‘ from a former Apple product designer that worked on the iPod and iPhone. After shelling out $3.2 Billion to acquire the company from Tony Fadell to expand on the Learning Thermostat and Protect smoke detector. These smart technology additions for your home are now going to be Google operated,…

Oxymoron Desk Design by Anna Lotova

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Parisian designer Anna Lotova makes all kinds of different design elements, and her ‘Oxymoron‘ desk is the juxtaposition of two opposite materials joined together to create a piece that works in unison to accomplish many tasks. Exposed plywood edges sit and sandwich two soft upholstered pieces of cushioning that make for a unique little storage spot…

Sander Mulder Woofer Speakers

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Home accessories have all kinds of appeal, but electronics and home sound systems don’t always seem to have the same visual aesthetics that may get overlooked. Sander Mulder created some interesting speakers that are sure to wow. Floor speakers in the form of dogs without heads make for a unique look in any room. A wonderful…

Modular Suburbia Wall Storage by Seletti

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Having all of your tools, keys, pens, notes, miscellaneous little tchotchkes and more in one place really helps to create a sense of calm throughout a home– and Seletti has created a gorgeous piece of wall hung ‘furniture’ that helps keep everything together in a modular and stylish looking manner. Available in white and a natural…